Comedy of Red Sox errors proves Yankees officially ended Boston’s season


Boston Red Sox fans were tooting every horn they could get their hands on after their extra-innings victory over the New York Yankees the Friday before the All-Star break. Their third win in the last 11 games brought them to 48-43 … still a robust 14.5 games behind of the Bombers in the AL East.

The Red Sox really have carried momentum admirably this season as their fans have endlessly trash-talked despite being the fourth horse in the race by many lengths. After salvaging a four-game split with the Yankees the week prior, Boston lost four straight at Tampa.

After that lone victory against New York on July 15, the Sox proceeded to lose the next two games by a combined scored of 27-3 heading into the break. No better, relaxing way to enter a much-needed reprieve after a hectic first half of baseball, right?

Then, after returning to action this past Friday, the Red Sox were swept at home in a three-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays … but we buried the lede there. Sorry about that.

Boston was outscored 40-10 over the weekend. Forty. To. Ten. Date that back to last Saturday and Sunday against the Yankees, and you’re looking at an unfathomable 67-13 advantage for Boston’s opponents in the run-scoring department.

As you can imagine, the defense worked overtime to help the Sox achieve this incredibly embarrassing feat that you’ll only see once a century. Jarren Duran, show the folks what you’re made of!

The Yankees can say they ended the Boston Red Sox’s 2022 season

That gaffe by Duran spurred the Blue Jays to score 28 runs on Friday night in what was one of the worst losses in franchise history for the Sox. And he didn’t even run after the ball once he saw it land! Great effort. This city takes pride in its blue collar approach, doesn’t it?

Whenever you can one-up that pathetic effort, though, you simply have to do it in the series finale to send the fans home feeling even more satisfied with the product.

There were also two throwing errors in the inning before reliever Hirokazu Sawamura gracefully nearly tore his groin by failing to step on first base.

This might be splitting hairs, but ever since that July 15 win against New York, the Red Sox have literally been the worst team of all time. Not even David Ortiz’s Hall of Fame induction could overshadow that kind of futility.

It gets better, though. Remember the Red Sox were scorching hot in June? They made up incredible ground after their awful start to the season and entered July 43-33, firmly in a Wild Card spot and in second place in the AL East, tied with the Jays.

Then came July. Since the start of the month, Boston is 5-15 and they’ve done almost nothing right. Somehow, three of those wins came again the Yankees — all pretty much in dramatic fashion — but New York got the last laugh by pummeling them into the dirt and sending them into the All-Star break with the worst of vibes.

Now, we can expect the Red Sox to sell sell sell at the trade deadline, as the team’s ownership will get its wish of getting worse, saving money, and building the next inexplicable World Series contender in a few years.

Maybe then the “Alex Cora magic” will reappear as he gets unmatchable assistance from another video room operator, as well as several players who massively overachieve for no other reason than putting on a Red Sox uniform.

See you guys in 2025. Yankees fans will enjoy the break until this relationship becomes beyond infuriating once again.