New angle of Yankees’ lower bowl fan fight vs Reds is incredible


When Aroldis Chapman picked off pinch-runner Nick Senzel to record the second out of the eighth inning Wednesday night, only to walk the next batter he faced anyway, it would’ve been understandable for Yankees fans to show some frustration.

After all, why was Chapman in a game with a razor-thin margin in the first place? Of course Chapman would pull off an excellent pick-off throw, only to callously replace that runner on base with his own wildness anyway. Chapman!!!

Anger at the Yankees ex-closer resulting in a quick tweet or an annoyed grunt? To be expected. But what happened in the lower bowl at Yankee Stadium while Chapman was on the bump took things to a whole new level.

Ironically, a brawl broke out in the lower bowl by the first base dugout Wednesday night just as Chapman was losing control of his fastball.

Coincidence? Obviously yes. Hilarious timing? Obviously yes.

Brawl breaks out at Yankee Stadium during eighth inning of Yankees vs Reds

Hey, been there, done that, brothers. I’ve never actually thrown hands with a fan in the Yankee Stadium stands, but if I had, it probably would’ve been after a particularly heinous Chapman blown save left me punching the seat in front of me, only for my fist to accidentally strike flesh.

In reality, this fight between a backwards-hat man in a Yankees jersey and a fellow in a camo Aaron Judge jersey (also featuring an instigator in a Gerrit Cole road jersey with the name on the back) is completely inscrutable and fairly intense. It’s unlikely Chapman ignited the flame, considering none of these three people appear to be watching the game whatsoever.

With security already involved, the backwards-hat-wearer is seen taking a slap at the seated Camo Judge Guy. Though Camo’s friend tries to keep him seated, he can’t resist getting involved after being provoked one too many times, getting the hat flipped off his head before the two-on-one tag team starts the melee.

At that point … how do you not fight back? You’re getting pummeled!

The fact that this happened so close to the field is very atypical, considering those seats are usually reserved for bankers, executives, and YouTube creators.

All in all, the Yankees left victorious after not one, but two wild pitches, something fans should’ve seen coming after the situation had already gotten wild several innings prior.

The amount of “name on back” jerseys in this nasty melee really should’ve tipped everyone off that things were about to get quite stupid. Security probably should’ve had ’em on a watchlist as soon as they walked in.