Yankees reportedly considering Andrew Benintendi spelling end for Joey Gallo?


From fan speculation to potential reality: Yes, New York Yankees fans, the team has reportedly “held recent talks” about trading for Kansas City Royals outfielder Andrew Benintendi, who is expected to be on the move before the Aug. 2 trade deadline.

It’s one of those gratifying moments where Yankees Twitter can come together for once and say, “We did it.”

Similarly (at least for the most part, outside of the 2% of Joey Gallo defenders out there), this could be a two-for-one situation where Benintendi is acquired and Gallo is jettisoned with (you’ll never believe this) the TEXAS RANGERS reportedly interested in re-acquiring their former slugging outfielder.

What is happening here? Nonetheless, Gallo has had ample time to save face and has failed spectacularly. Yankees fans seem fixated on getting angry with someone like Isiah Kiner-Falefa (for some reason?) because they’re numb to Gallo’s .166 average and .629 OPS that constantly drags down the lineup’s potential.

But the time is seemingly coming. Based on reports, the Yankees are dedicated to fixing their outfield problem (now that Aaron Hicks is heating up) and Benintendi is among the potential options.

If that’s the case, Gallo is as good as gone, regardless of what the Yankees get in return. If you remember, the Yankees were happy to acquire a compensatory pick and a single top-10 prospect that never panned out for Sonny Gray, who possessed more value solely because he was a pitcher. In this case, just getting rid of Gallo’s salary and lack of production is a win.

Yankees’ reported interest in Andrew Benintendi spells doom for Joey Gallo

Though Gallo’s played a fine right field when called upon, both Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton need reps there. The Yankees don’t need three players at the same position.

Plus, what Benintendi might offer would be an upgrade over Gallo’s general offensive production, as well as the team’s overall contact hitting abilities.

In 83 games this year, the Royals outfielder is hitting a career-high .317 with a .790 OPS and 125 OPS+. His power has pretty much disappeared (13 doubles, 3 HRs) and he no longer steals bases like he once did (2 in 83 games vs 61 in his previous 619), but he’s coming off a Gold Glove campaign in 2021 and offers a more competent bat on the left side of the plate.

There’s always been speculation among fans that this could be “the move” at the deadline, and all anyone needed was validation via a rumor, no matter how loose the chatter was.

Now that it exists, Yankees fans can spend the next three weeks gearing up for a Gallo farewell tour, which is something they’ll relish in because an upgrade has been needed for nearly 130 games now.