Yankees fans have to love tumultuous Red Sox-Xander Bogaerts rumors


Boston Red Sox fans typically act like their roster, top to bottom, is the stuff of legends, even when there’s pedestrian production going on all over the place. It’s all about the Massachusetts Propaganda Machine that creates false narratives and contrives nonsensical ways to drum up motivation.

But even New York Yankees fans have to admit that shortstop Xander Bogaerts is a phenomenal player … which makes it all the more funny that the Red Sox are botching contract talks with one of their best players.

Bogaerts signed a six-year, $120 million extension in April of 2019, which included an opt-out clause following the 2022 season. The clock is ticking! Because he’s surely going to choose free agency with the way he’s playing at the moment (.314 AVG, .845 OPS, 134 OPS+) at a premium position.

The only problem? The Red Sox don’t want to pay a cent more than they have to because … Chaim Bloom. The savior. The Tampa Bay Rays puppet master that was lured away to help the Red Sox implement the modern day version of Moneyball.

A teardown in 2020 followed by an ALCS trip in 2021 was impressive, but Bloom isn’t going to skate by in Boston by taking directives from ownership to disrespect the franchise’s stars. That’s not how it works when players run the game.

The inactivity on an extension for the 29-year-old has forced more rumors to circulate, with the latest surrounding the Chicago Cubs’ potential aggressive pursuit of Bogaerts in the offseason.

Yankees fans have to love the Red Sox-Xander Bogaerts drama

Throw in Chris Sale’s temper tantrum on Wednesday night, and the Yankees have all the good vibes heading into the weekend’s four-game set.

If Boston’s old friend Jed Hoyer, who is now running the show in Chicago, swipes Bogaerts away from the Sox to further the Cubs’ rebuild, it’d be a total embarrassment for the Red Sox, who should be keeping their core pieces rather than watch inferior clubs poach them.

Don’t believe the situation is that bad with Bogaerts and the Sox? Well, here’s what he had to say when asked about an update on any potential talks.

Additionally, back in April, MLB insider Jon Heyman reported that Bogaerts viewed the team’s last offer as a “slap in the face,” which featured an additional year and $30 million as well as … wait … that’s it. If Bogaerts were to opt into his current deal, he’d be signed through the 2026 season at $20 million per year. The Sox’s solution to potentially convincing him to opt in was to essentially give him a five year, $110 million contract instead of a four-year, $80 million contract.

And people were laughing at the Yankees for offering Judge $30.5 million per season prior to Opening Day? New York has its own problems, but the Red Sox are in danger of alienating the best players on their team … if they haven’t already.