Should Yankees fans be gloating about Derek Jeter billboard outside Fenway Park?


Derek Jeter. The Captain. New York Yankees legend. Beloved by the entire fanbase and then some other fanbases across Major League Baseball.

Jeter’s presence and leadership in the Bronx for 20 seasons were iconic, as was his ownership of the Boston Red Sox. In 283 games, Jeter hit .291 with 176 runs scored, 26 homers, 138 RBI and 55 stolen bases against New York’s most hated rival.

So, the hilarious placement of a billboard featuring his face advertising the upcoming ESPN documentary “The Captain,” which premieres on July 18, seems totally appropriate and awesome.

Except … this isn’t Jeter’s New York Yankees. This version of the Yankees can’t really trash talk or throw shade without it coming back to bite them. It’s best if they remain quiet, keep focused on the task at hand, and bulldoze their opponents without saying a word.

Don’t believe us? How about 2018 when everything came back to bite New York while Boston cruised to a 108-win season and a World Series title?

Brian Cashman’s two comments about the Yankees being a “fully operational death star” and “doing damage” against the Red Sox became rallying cries for the try-hards in Boston. Aaron Judge blasting New York, New York on a boombox after taking down the Sox in Game 2 of the ALDS resulted in two straight embarrassing losses in the Bronx that resulted in a playoff elimination.

Should Yankees fans really be gloating about the Derek Jeter billboard at Fenway Park?

The Sox once again punked the Yanks in 2021 when the two teams somehow ended up with the same record (which earned Boston the tie-breaker for home field advantage in the AL Wild Card Game). The result was another embarrassing playoff loss and Sox fans laughing about the fact New York paid Gerrit Cole $324 million to last two whole innings against them in a high-leverage game, while former Yankee Nathan Eovaldi buzzsawed the Bombers’ lineup.

Now, 13 games up on Boston, is it really necessary to poke the bear and give the Sox more of a reason to rally together against some nonsensical contrived motivation?

This franchise feeds off of “being counted out” (even when they’re not) or being viewed as the lowly underdog in the Yankees’ shadow (despite consistently having a top-three payroll in the game almost every season). This’ll give Sox fans ammo claiming ESPN “wants the Yankees to win” because of the billboard placement. Against all odds and advertisements, Sox fans will not take this crap!

It might be a fun laugh right now. It always is. But if the Yankees don’t take care of business in Fenway this weekend, you know exactly what we’ll be hearing about for the next few weeks, and it won’t be pleasant.