Yankees deliver Stone Cold Stunner to Astros’ Twitter account after walk-off


You simply have to love other cities claiming it’s them “vs. the world,” because the only place that’s true is New York. And nobody from New York plays that lame, dumb card because all it does is show how a collective group of people are giant babies. If it was New York vs any other team in any other championship game in any other sport, you know who the rest of the world would be rooting for. Yup, Not New York.

During the New York Yankees-Houston Astros’ heated battle on Thursday night, the reigning AL West champs spoke too soon using that phrase. Haven’t they watched the Yankees this year? No three-run lead is safe, regardless if it’s the first inning or the ninth.

And what do you know … the Astros learned exactly that in those two specific instances. Seems they didn’t learn after the Yankees immediately punched back in the bottom of the first inning to tie the game once the Astros went up 3-0 in the top half.

In the bottom of the ninth down 6-3, the Yankees stormed back with an Aaron Hicks three-run homer and an Aaron Judge walk-off single to take home the 7-6 victory.

Sorry, Houston, but a three-run homer in the third inning to go up 6-3 isn’t the time to start weighing in on all the adversity you experience. There’s still 2/3 of the game left.

The time to do it is actually once you’ve secured the victory … because why leave yourself to get owned in historic fashion?


The Astros Twitter account spoke too soon and then the Yankees owned them

And anytime you let one of the worst hitters on the opposing team tie the game in the bottom of the ninth with one of the most majestic homers you’ll see all year, getting Stone Cold Stunnered in this manner (both on the field and off) is well-deserved.

So while the Astros look for a new social media manager, since there’s quite possibly no way to come back from this, let’s check in on Houston fans after that fat, fat L.

Better yet, let’s hear the Astros broadcast tell it like it is after Judge’s walk-off single vs closer Ryan Pressly:

Perhaps a lesson learned for the Astros and their fans? Maybe make it about you vs the opponent in front of you instead of you vs the world in the 69th game of a 162-game MLB season.

It’s all about limiting the damage. Probably best not to expose yourself to such risk this early in the game.