Ranking the 10 worst contracts in the American League East

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Chris Davis #19 of the Baltimore Orioles (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images) /

2. Chris Davis – Still Being Paid at Least $1.4 Million Annually Through 2037

At least.

When I was at the outset of this article, I mumbled out loud, “Damn, I … I wish I’d been able to write something like this back in 2019. Back when bad contracts were bad. Back when Chris Davis was masquerading as a major leaguer by playing three games per week, striking out 18 times somehow, and pining for the good old days, when he did the same exact thing but offset the pain by homering 53 times.”

Then I did a quick Google search and wept with joy. Not only is Davis’ mega-deal still on Baltimore’s books thanks to some Bobby Bonilla-esque magic, but it’s still on the books for another decade and a half.

Davis’ career hit its nadir in 2019, when he finished a hitless streak that spanned two seasons and reached 54 at-bats. Eventually, tensions boiled over so hard that Davis and manager Brandon Hyde had to be restrained in the dugout later during that frustrating-as-hell summer. After undergoing surgery prior to 2021, he finally announced his retirement, subtly also announcing that he’d be earning $9.167 million in 2023, 2024, and 2025, followed by $3.5 million annually from 2026-2032, followed by the aforementioned $1.4 million through the end of 2037.

A sad on-field ending for a former great without a doubt, but the fun in the bank account never ends.