3 Yankees top prospects currently heating up in May

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Jasson Dominguez #25 of American League Futures Team (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) /

1. Jasson Dominguez

Did you just read a story from an anonymous scout all about how Dominguez looks “much worse” this year than last year, a year in which he was also not very good? You did, didn’t you? Look at you, you cheeky devil.

Well, we’re pleased to report that Dominguez has turned a significant corner in both power and consistency in May, and might be approaching the 19-year-old version (!!!) of the future star Yankee fans had anticipated meeting back in 2021.

He’s still striking out too much. He’s still not a fully-realized player. But his numbers through 25 games now almost match his 2021 Low-A numbers in 56 contests. He’s got the same average: .252. He’s got a significantly higher slugging percentage (.421 vs .379) and a lower OBP (.298 vs. .353, but it’s on the rise).

Since May began, he’s hitting .306 with five walks in 41 plate appearances, along with four doubles and two bombs. Expanding the window a few days further, Dominguez looks like the type of dominant force many envisioned he’d be when he finally hit full-season ball.

Has the scout who claimed Dominguez “looked significantly worse” repeating the level taken a peek at him after the weather warmed up a little?

Dominguez still has to show fans and experts a higher level of consistency. The highlights have always been spectacular, blended with a hefty dose of puzzling strikeouts.

But, since April 24, he’s been the least of the Yankees system’s problems, against all odds.