David Cone laying into Red Sox is validating for Yankees fans


Annnnddd that’s ANOTHER loss for the Boston Red Sox, ladies and gentlemen! The overachieving 92-win team that made a fake ALCS run in 2021 is now 11-20 to start the 2022 season, and it’s been a joy for New York Yankees fans to watch.

Every aspect of the Sox’s early-season struggles has been noteworthy. The bullpen is just about as bad as it gets, with Matt Barnes no longer being serviceable. The starting rotation is thin, which has forced Garrett Whitlock into a different job, thus weakening the ‘pen. The offense has been hilariously bad, ranking 26th in OPS (.630) compared to the Yankees’ fifth-ranked .722 mark.

It’s not out of the question for Boston to turn things around, but they’ve dug themselves into a hole that won’t be easy to climb out of with the Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays already each at least 5.5 games ahead in the AL East standings.

In case Red Sox fans think this is simply Yankees fans sitting back and laughing at their misfortunes and making it sound worse than it is, then let us draw your attention to what former MLB star David Cone had to say about Boston’s poor start to the year.

Yes, Cone is a former Yankee, but he’s also one of the most objective voices out there, often speaking of his experiences with the game and providing his honest assessments of all things baseball on a daily basis.

So when he says the Red Sox are flirting with danger barely over a month into the season, Sox fans should probably listen … and Yankees fans should thoroughly enjoy.

Former Yankees RHP David Cone lays into Red Sox for bad start to 2022 season

Sorry, we forgot to mention Trevor Story being booed by the home crowd at Fenway Park for beginning the season with a .206 average, .586 OPS and 71 OPS+. Minor detail. Our fault.

Cone wasn’t criticizing the Red Sox, either, which actually makes this better. He was candidly analyzing how their performance over the first 31 games of the season is the simplest first ingredient in the overall recipe for disaster.

He’s right: you cannot win a pennant in April … but you can certainly lose one. Did you not see what happened to the Yankees last year as they tread water through July?

Boston has admittedly endured a very tough start to the year, with series against the Yankees, Blue Jays, Tigers, Twins, Orioles, Angels and Braves … but their only series win was against Detroit. Can’t do that when you’re coming off an ALCS appearance with a very similar roster.

Yankees fans knew that, but now that it’s coming from a consummate professional in Cone, the take validates all the criticism and laughing at Boston’s expense.