Blue Jays’ Yimi Garcia goes wild after ejection for drilling Josh Donaldson


About 20 minutes ago, the New York Yankees were being no-hit and outclassed by Yusei Kikuchi, dominated for their second consecutive game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Now? They’ve got a new class pet in the form of Blue Jays short reliever Yimi Garcia. 

It’s always a good idea to get one of your AL East rivals’ late-inning arms in your pocket. And whatever happened to Garcia on Tuesday evening certainly left him with more questions than answers.

Garcia entered the game with runners on the corners and one out, with Giancarlo Stanton at the plate looking to change the contest in a blink. He stung the 2-2 pitch into the right field corner (otherwise known as Chris Woodward Territory), and yoinked it over the wall to tie the game.

Garcia’s response? Intentionally or not, he drilled Josh Donaldson in the back, and seemed poised to shrug it all off until the Yankees dugout climbed to the top step — led by Aaron Judge — and began to intimidate him/beg the umpires to reevaluate things.

Reevaluate they did. Garcia wasn’t warned. He was ejected. And at that point, all forms of wild nonsense broke loose.

Blue Jays reliever Yimi Garcia goes wild after ejection for hitting Yankees’ Josh Donaldson.

Is this that “Rent Free” nonsense that people keep tweeting? Did the Yankees really just intimidate the umpiring crew into not one, but two ejections after pitching coach Pete Walker got tossed?

This was the kind of nonsense that would certainly make you think Garcia said something extra spicy while the umpires were converged, talking over the situation. Judge and the boys on the bench seemed to want a warning after Garcia sulked on the mound and immediately drilled Donaldson. Instead, they got an ejection.

That’s … not typically how this goes.

According to science, the Stanton home run that sent Garcia off the rails wouldn’t have gone out in any other ballpark.

Tragically (checks notes), he was playing in this ballpark.

Not a lot of mental fortitude on display, from either Garcia or the umpiring crew. Oh, the reliever’s a former Astro?! Yeah, that makes perfect sense.