Yankees fans will love Marlins star Jazz Chisholm’s Twitter likes


Baseball’s Young Stars: They’re Just Like Us! If we could hit and pitch at all.

They emote. They party. They get hung up on women they shouldn’t be thinking about. And they’re easily accessible and perhaps a bit too vulnerable on social media, as Yankees fans learned about Marlins star Jazz Chisholm on Tuesday.

Chisholm has already had a bit of a roller coaster start to 2022, destroying the baseball at an impressive rate while beefing with those who make out the Miami Marlins’ lineup.

In the season’s first week, Chisholm went on a retweeting spree after being left out of the starting lineup, venting his frustrations with the business of baseball — or, at least, the business of how things have gone down in Miami. And why wouldn’t you want to start this guy? He’s hitting .295 and slugging .727 in a season marked by suppressed offense thus far. Jazz … we’ve got your back.

And that’s what’s most important on this beautiful Tuesday, after all.

In response to some (presumably) personal issue, Chisholm posted on Tuesday morning about a girl who could’ve had the world from him, but instead … gets nothing. Rough stuff, but we’ve all been there. We’ve all tweeted that.

Marlins’ Jazz Chisholm has his eyes on joining Yankees?

Something tells us this particular message wasn’t meant for Don Mattingly.

Much like he did after his early April benching, Chisholm took to social media to fire off a bunch of supportive likes and retweets to the people who remain in his corner. His Day Ones, if you will.

Some of those supporters are fans of the New York Yankees, and whether Chisholm knows it or not, his like spree included a thumbs up for someone who said the Yanks would never treat him this way.

Future Yankee/Prince of Swag? The streets are buzzing.

Stars leaving Miami before reaching their prime is a time-honored tradition, but if the Marlins fumble the Jazz Bag, they’ll be making a colossal mistake, both on the field and in the branding realm. Under team control through 2026, it would behoove the Marlins to utilize Chisholm to the best of his abilities instead of letting him daydream about leaving from the Yankees.

…if it’s what he wants, we’ll take him, though. Really no trouble.