Aaron Judge’s Instagram post for the haters will make Yankees fans proud


Just a few days ago, New York Yankees fans were deemed the “worst in the world” for hurling trash at the Cleveland Guardians outfielders after Myles Straw decided to climb the left field fence and tell a fan to “Hit me, motherf—-r!”

Should Yankees fans have done that? No! Never in a million years! But did Straw decide to act like a total buffoon that would’ve easily provoked a bunch of drunk buffoons to do something of that nature? Yes! And it looked even worse when he lied about why he climbed the fence, claiming he was doing so to defend teammate Steven Kwan, when in reality he took exception to what a fan said to him and overreacted like a 16-year-old.

Anyway, Aaron Judge still has the fans’ backs despite the fact he had to run into right field during the chaos on Saturday following the Yankees’ walk off win to tell everyone to stop the madness. In the end, he knows this is a passionate bunch … though their patience is razor thin.

On Tuesday night, the Yankees put on an offensive show by scoring 12 runs in a win over the Orioles, which was headlined by Anthony Rizzo’s three homers. Judge added one himself, and felt the positive energy from the fans on his 30th birthday.

Judge shouted out the “best fans in the world” in his postgame Instagram message, which, well, seems like a shot at everybody taking turns blasting the Yankees these last few days.

But it’s time to Start Spreadin’ the News! The Yankees have the best fans in the world and they showed it during the team’s offensive barrage against Baltimore.

Aaron Judge says the Yankees have the best fans in the world

Judge is as aware as anybody that fandom has its peaks and valleys. There’s not a single fanbase out there that doesn’t have a toxic group of individuals who, at times, ruin it for everybody else. Should every Padres fan be indicted because of the one guy who chucked a beer can at Cody Bellinger? Should every Dodgers fan be alleged violent lunatics for various fights we’ve seen in LA? Not at all.

If every Yankees fan was as bad as they’re made out to be by rival supporters who wish nothing more than to make them look like the lowest-class citizens, then would Judge be doing this with them during games?

That’s arguably the biggest star in New York having a catch with those “monsters” right in front of the bleachers.

Yankees fans are among the most dedicated in all of sports, and Judge knows exactly how to appeal to them … even when the optics are as bad as they were this past weekend.