Aaron Judge responds to Yankees fans’ boos after loss to Blue Jays


New York Yankees fans weren’t too happy with Aaron Judge’s performance during Monday night’s 3-0 loss against the Toronto Blue Jays. Yankee Stadium was noticeably loud toward the later stretch of the game … but not in a good way.

Judge has struggled to get things going throughout the first four games so far (outside of a few singles) as the slugger hasn’t recorded a home run or an RBI yet. Against the Jays, he struck out twice without recording a hit.

Afterwards the fans made sure to let the 2017 Rookie of the Year hear the boos, just four games into the season. Classic New York, eh?

The 29-year-old has been in pinstripes for his whole career, and is certainly used to the fans voicing their opinion. However, just four games into the season, is it fair to be booing Judge after all he has done for New York?

Yes, the fact that he rejected a contract extension that would’ve paid him $30.5 million per season (at least, according to general manager Brian Cashman), and then told the media it was “disappointing” he and the Yankees couldn’t come to an agreement is beyond frustrating for the fans.

But this “lackluster” play shouldn’t be expected to last with Judge, as everyone around the league knows how dangerous of a hitter he is. Last season, he finished fourth in the AL MVP voting, and it was the second time over the last six years that he finished top-five in the MVP race.

Hey, at least he doesn’t take it to heart. He knows what New York is all about and that this is the typical behavior from fans, so he isn’t going to let it affect him. Just further goes to show this is where he needs to be for 2023 and beyond.

In the end, Judge doesn’t deserve the boos. He’s the Yankees’ best all-around player and has embraced the city’s culture, passion and attitude.

The All-Star outfielder has expressed his interest to remain a Yankee for life, and regardless of the free agency discourse, the Yankees will likely have the inside track when it comes to keeping him in town once the 2022 campaign is over. Why boo the team’s best player under these circumstances? Doesn’t everybody want him to stay and feel supported?

We know Yankees fans are the most unforgiving in all of sports, but we’re just four games in. Let’s give this a few more weeks/months before the outward anger begins to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.