Gerrit Cole’s outburst, excuse for bad start vs Red Sox are downright laughable


It’s really worth asking if Gerrit Cole is cut out to be a No. 1 starter in New York … because he seemingly continues to fail all of the necessary “tests.” And the Yankees‘ Opening Day tilt against the Red Sox proved that once again.

Though the Bombers ending up triumphing in dramatic fashion with an 11th-inning walk-off single from Josh Donaldson, Cole played no part in helping the efforts. He lasted just four innings and gave up three runs after facing the first four batters of the game, prompting boos from the crowd — and rightfully so. He also only struck out three batters.

That brings his grand total earned run count to 19 across just 33 innings in his Yankees career against the Red Sox, including the playoffs. That is … bad. But, OK, Cole wasn’t exactly ready for Opening Day. It happens, especially with a truncated spring training due to a 99-day lockout. Fans can sympathize with that.

What they won’t sympathize with, however, is making the most insane excuse possible as to why that first inning got off to a rocky start.

Remember, this is the same guy who refused to “make excuses” for his horrible AL Wild Card Game start in Boston this past October when he had a clear out with his balky hamstring that almost assuredly played a role in his struggles down the stretch.

New year, new Cole … we guess? Because he had a reason for why his first inning may have gotten out of hand and it’s truly one of the most wild responses you’ll ever hear from a professional on the largest pitching contract in the history of baseball.

Gerrit Cole’s excuse for his poor start during Yankees-Red Sox is a joke

Sometimes you just wonder why some of these Yankees players/organizational figures just … don’t keep certain stuff to themselves? This is the biggest media market in the world and everything is magnified times 100.

Like, did general manager Brian Cashman really need to hold a press conference a little over an hour before Opening Day to tell the world what he offered Aaron Judge and why the contract extension was rejected?

Does every postgame interview have to be the weirdest thing you’ve ever watched in your life?

There’s Cole outright saying it, on top of stumbling over his words with just about every other question he was asked.

Oh yeah, and there was a legitimate temper tantrum to boot. We really never thought Billy Crystal could make anybody this mad unless he was outright roasting them.

At this point, Cole and other players need to realize there’s a target on their back. When you’re making $36 million per season on a $324 million contract, have failed to win two win-or-go-home playoff games, and have constantly gotten cranked by your team’s most hated rival, saying/doing stuff like that just isn’t in the cards, unless you want to provide necessary fuel for all the haters hiding beyond their keyboards. Just go to social media and look at Red Sox and Mets fans (why?) ripping him. It’s brutal.

Plenty of time to learn, though, with 161 games left in the season. The Judge contract fiasco should quickly overshadow this anyway, right?