New reason for Yankees reportedly passing on Carlos Correa is absurd


What’s done is done. The New York Yankees‘ roster is all but officially set for 2022 Opening Day. But as long as these updates about their past endeavors (or lack thereof) in free agency continue to pop up on the timeline, fans are going to talk about them.

First, reports surfaced that the Yankees opted not to spend on some of the top free agents on the market this offseason because the “budget” restricted them from adding another $150 million-plus contract to the books. Then we got the lame excuse that, even if it wasn’t a $150 million-plus contract, the price for, say, one year of Carlos Correa at $35 million was “too expensive.”

Then, on Tuesday, general manager Brian Cashman outright said that the team’s blockbuster trade with the Minnesota Twins was a direct result of the payroll being too high for Hal Steinbrenner’s taste, which forced Cash to be more creative with upgrading the roster.

Was it a bad trade? No, it was actually good! But it was also underwhelming, not Yankees-esque, and didn’t upgrade them “enough” — or at least in line with the expectations from the fanbase.

Care to add another unthinkable excuse to this bunch, Yankees? Without hesitation! And this one pertains to the situation with Correa, which seemed to be right in line with what we thought was up the Yankees’ alley.

Massive upgrade at shortstop? Check. Short-term financial commitment? Check. Preserving space for the beloved middle infield prospects? Check. Losing 2022 draft pick compensation? Apparently a big issue!

The Yankees passed on Carlos Correa because of … what?!

Here’s the latest from’s Mark Feinsand:

"“According to sources, the Yankees’ primary hesitation involved the non-financial penalties that come with passing the $270 million threshold, namely their first-round Draft pick being moved back 10 spots.“’If it was just about money, they may have made a bigger play for Correa on a short-term deal,’ a source said. “But the Draft thing made it a non-starter, especially after the Donaldson deal.’”"

Once upon a time, fans truly believed Correa’s attitude, outward trash talk about Derek Jeter, and role with the 2017 cheating Houston Astros were the reasons the Yankees were going to keep the star shortstop at arm’s length. But nope! The Yankees just couldn’t fathom seeing their late first-round draft pick get bumped 10 spots.

Whether or not fans wanted Correa on the 2022 Yankees is hardly the point here. Say this was Corey Seager. If this report were true, then the front office would’ve done the same exact song and dance with him, despite the clear impact he would’ve brought to a roster that badly needs a jolt more than you’d expect.

This is once again another reminder that the Yankees will find every excuse in the book to not go above and beyond in order to better the roster with the obvious financial power they have. And with Gerrit Cole, Giancarlo Stanton, DJ LeMahieu and (likely) Aaron Judge under contract for at least five more seasons at high AAVs, it’s not out of the question fans continue to see more of the same behavior as the years go by.