Yankees Rumors: Carlos Correa, Freddie Freeman free agency buzz gives NYY hope


Fans were promised a free agency and trade market “frenzy” after the MLB lockout ended. Well, here we are, over 40 hours later and there’s been … nothing. And that has New York Yankees fans on edge of sorts.

Where’s the big signing or trade to address the five (or more?) holes this roster has? Rumors suggested Luke Voit should’ve been traded on Thursday night. Not even a low-cost bullpen arm? What’s going on?

It’s frustrating. After three months of nothingness, the same underwhelming cloud has cast its shadow over baseball with under a month to go before Opening Day. But there’s some reason for optimism because some deals could come to fruition before the end of the weekend.

Updates on Carlos Correa and Freddie Freeman have hit the timeline and we’d have to admit it’s all fairly decent news for the Yankees, who are hopefully going to land one of these two guys (or someone else of similar stature).

Let’s start with the less exciting stuff. It’s not exactly the best news, but Freeman was reportedly presented with an offer from the Los Angeles Dodgers and didn’t make a prompt decision.

It’s always been obvious LA would be an influential player for the World Series champ, but is it possible the offer wasn’t good enough and the Yankees can swoop in with an extra year or a few extra million? The Dodgers have a bloated payroll and Trevor Bauer’s unsolved case that has them on the hook for $30+ million, so it’s unclear how far they’re willing to go here.

Yankees Rumors: Carlos Correa and Freddie Freeman free agency updates

Freeman seemed like the most likely superstar acquisition for the Bombers because of what he brings to the table as well as his expected market price given his age. A six-year, $180 million contract should get this done (Mark Teixeira money, easy), which doesn’t bog down the Yankees’ payroll for the short- or long-term.

The Yankees have been reportedly circling the Freeman waters all offseason, so maybe their move was to let the Dodgers offer first, see what they were working with, and then come in with an offer Freeman can’t refuse.

But that’s not going to happen if the rumor surrounding Correa has any truth to it. According to reports, the Yankees have checked in on the star shortstop, and MLB insider Hector Gomez is saying the Yankees are willing to pay him a $300+ million contract (it’ll likely be in the $340 million range).

Plus an endorsement from Cameron Maybin? Ok!

This would change everything, from an impact first base acquisition to the whole middle infield prospect hype. And with Andrelton Simmons off the board — the Yankees supposed top stopgap option — that at least cracks the door slightly open for Correa coming to the Bronx, even though it still doesn’t feel entirely likely.

Maybe the Yankees are trying to drive up the price for their competitors here. Maybe they’re ensuring their involvement on a number of the big names so other teams become confused about their intentions (after all, they’re not signing both of these guys).

Either way, the opportunities are still there and it’s evident the Yankees are involved. Here’s to hoping they don’t wait too long or else we’ll be looking at a repeat of the last two years.