Ex-Yankees OF Clint Frazier trolls himself after MLB deadline expires


Former Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier, now with the Cubs, has been the target of an unnecessary amount of hate throughout his Bombers career. And the worst kind of hate, too: sensationalized hate.

Was Frazier supposed to have a more impressive Yankee career than he ultimately did? Absolutely. When the Bombers traded Andrew Miller (who eventually played a massive role in this here lockout!), it seemed like they’d pulled off an absolute coup, remaking their outfield for years to come.

Instead? Frazier’s legendary bat speed wasn’t of nearly as much use to him as it should’ve been, as he struggled with the after-effects of a concussion suffered in Spring Training 2018 for years after the fact.

As a result, he’s faced much more abuse than he ever should’ve, a combination of high expectations, a loud personality, and an unfortunate unraveling.

In other words, surely Frazier has heard the calls for him to enter another line of work more often than he should’ve after a particularly tough game in the Bronx and a ride on the Scranton Shuttle.

Hell, some fans probably told him to get out of baseball as soon as they heard the lie that he’d asked for Mickey Mantle’s jersey number.

With the lockout somehow in fuller swing than ever before (let’s go, this rules!), Frazier did a little wish fulfillment for his haters on Tuesday night.

Ex-Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier took a shot at himself with a McDonald’s job

Frazier’s mentions were, naturally, a cesspool in the wake of this funny shot at himself and his beloved “fans,” but a few folks came through with some pretty good second beats on the initial joke.

We’ve got to admit, this riff on Frazier’s legendary bat speed got us.

Quick wrists, Clint!

On his way out of New York, Frazier revealed a few of his beefs with the locals, namely with one reporter who seemingly stalked him from level to level trying to catch him making trouble.

Frazier has always laughed at his own situation every step of the way, though, and exited the Bronx reportedly still “boys” with Brian Cashman (though, some other members of the front office … not so much).

In case the Yanks need help in the concessions department, they know who to call.