Yankees’ Luis Severino changed his hair and looks completely different


Yankees right-hander Luis Severino will be a massively important piece to the 2022 puzzle, whenever that puzzle is ready to be put together.

With the offseason theoretically rounding third base and heading for home (yeah, right, but also … maybe?), Sevy might look a little different the next time you see him, if all of MLB is forced to sprint to Florida like a fire drill in the coming days.

The flame-thrower celebrated his 28th birthday with trademark gusto over the holiday weekend, showing off the kind of decision-making that proves he’s still full of surprises.

And yes, he’s still just 28, which feels insane.

If you loved the summer 2020 pregnancy shoot and baby reveal, you’re going to love the winter 2022 hair showcase.

Severino showed up at his birthday party with fully blonde (orange?) curls, looking like a shorter DK Metcalf.

Yankees’ Luis Severino changed his hairstyle and went blonde

It’s polite to stare. It’s fine, actually.

Clearly, Severino felt the need to switch things up as he attempts to begin and complete his first full season since 2018.

2019 was mostly lost to shoulder issues, 2020 was doomed by a Tommy John prognosis before the pandemic even began, and, after a pair of unrelated setbacks, Severino finally got back to the mound late in 2021, when he was used as a very effective short reliever in the season’s final weeks.

Luckily, 2022 isn’t in jeopardy due to a misplaced curling iron or a bleach accident. Crisis (narrowly) averted.

Based on his birthday festivities, Severino clearly had some steam to blow off, and that steam was directed in a powerful stream at his party guests.

Will Severino be the No. 2 for Gerrit Cole we’ve long hoped he would be, dating back to the visions of “Cole-Severino-Masahiro Tanaka-James Paxton-Jordan Montgomery” that never materialized back in 2020? A fan can dream.

Regardless of how much he has left in the tank this season and whether he needs to be eased in or enter guns blazing, we know blondes have more fun, so that’s at least something pleasant to work off of.