Chipper Jones latest to join Freddie Freeman discourse and it’s good for Yankees


From the team’s manager to one of the franchise’s legends, the Atlanta Braves are down bad when it comes to the Freddie Freeman free agency discourse. And it all could’ve been avoided had they just signed him to an extension he deserved after bringing the first a World Series to the organization since 1995.

The door remains as open as it can possibly be for the New York Yankees once free agency can begin with the lockout ending (though we have no timeline on that whatsoever).

Not too long after manager Brian Sniter revealed that it’s very much a reality Freeman may not be with the Braves in 2022, Hall of Famer Chipper Jones weighed in and revealed his disappointment with how everything transpired.

He claims the Braves “made some offers that didn’t make [Freeman] happy,” which is a hell of a revelation from a figure of Jones’ stature.

Jones added that Freeman is now “being courted by some of the prettiest girls on the block right now, he’s gonna listen to them,” and we can assume one of those girls is general manager Brian Cashman based on recent rumors. For some reason he’s dressing up as a girl to coax Freeman to come to the Bronx? Is this like when he fought the Grinch?

Just kidding. But this could’ve only happened before the lockout. Right now, all the Yankees are doing is twiddling their thumbs waiting for a new CBA.

Chipper Jones’ disappointment with Braves-Freddie Freeman situation helps Yankees

Jones also surmised that Freeman was “probably unhappy” an extension didn’t get done before the start of last season, which further paints a picture of how disappointed the MVP and World Champ might be with his situation, especially after signing a team-friendly eight-year, $135 million extension back in 2014 that paid him under $17 million per season.

The Braves got their fiscal relief, and then somehow got Ronald Acuña Jr. and Ozzie Albies, two of the best players in the NL, to sign extensions worth $100 million and $35 million, which is certifiably criminal. The fact they’re apparently haggling with Freeman over a sixth year, especially after those two signings, might’ve be enough to fracture the relationship.

Jones’ candor in this interview sheds a light into how real Freeman departing the Braves may actually be. We continue to receive bits of information to suggest that it’s more possible than ever and it’s understandable that it might seem excessive, but we can’t help that it’s becoming louder and louder in the form of important figure after important figure revealing their thoughts on the situation.

We’re not the only ones hoping this is the last possible update stringing Yankees fans along before it can actually become a reality.