4 Yankees-Mets trades that could work as rumors swirl

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J.D. Davis #28 of the New York Mets (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

2. Yankees-JD Davis Trade

We’ll get out ahead of this one early: no, the Yankees should not offer a lot for JD Davis, whose limited skills in the field make him primarily a DH option.

If Davis is playing third or left for the Yankees at any point in 2022 consistently, things have gone wrong. This is just another power-packed bench piece.

Davis’ top speed exit velocities, though, at least give Brian Cashman something to dream on.

In 2019, he was basically in the top 10% of the league across the board in terms of offensive indicators, from average exit velocity to XBA, XSLG and the rest of ’em. Unfortunately, he was brutal in left field that season (-7 OAA) and never played the position in 2021, when he registered a -3 OAA during his time at third base. The Mets learned their lesson, but the Yankees aren’t looking to acquire a porous permanent third baseman. They need a Swiss Army Knife or a defensive wizard.

Davis usually mashes, and posted a 126 OPS+ as a part-timer last year, but it’s obvious the Mets can find a better trade fit than the Yankees here (also controlled through 2024).

The offensive numbers and years of control would indicate the necessity for an overpay. Could this be a Medina/Waldichuk/Lockridge package? Medina/Wesneski/Lockridge? Davis hits like a star, but doesn’t play like one, and needs to land in a situation catered to him taking regular DH reps to be a valuable player.

Brian Cashman could try to wait until the Mets get desperate and see if he can sneak one past the goalie here, but odds are Eppler and Steve Cohen find something more up their alley from a team with a full-time DH opening.