Justin Verlander’s brother accuses Babe Ruth of murder in Barry Bonds debate

Babe Ruth checks out the fowl he shot on a hunting trip in Pennsylvania. (Sports Studio Photos/Getty Images)
Babe Ruth checks out the fowl he shot on a hunting trip in Pennsylvania. (Sports Studio Photos/Getty Images) /

Apparently these days, the journalistic integrity that FOX News is famous for has now extended to FOX Sports, where analysts are allowed to say whatever they want as long as it gets Twitter engagement and throws Yankees history into question.

Ben Verlander, who almost attained legitimacy when he broke the news of his brother Justin re-signing with the Astros in November, decided to dive back into the sensationalism pool with full force on Wednesday afternoon.

How’d he do it? Accuse existing Hall of Famers of steroid use to back Barry Bonds? Print the David Ortiz anonymous positive test from 2003? Show off Mike Piazza’s suspicious backne?

No, all of those knee-jerk reactions would weirdly make more sense. Instead, Verlander went back to the Hall’s seedy past, bringing up Ty Cobb’s charges of–nope, sorry, not that. He mentioned Cap Anson’s racis–nope, weirdly not that either. He straight-up said Babe Ruth burned his wife to death!

When I awoke, I worried it would be too late to write this post. I assumed the tweet would’ve already been deleted.

But, alas, there it was! Ben Verlander, 24 hours later, has still accused Babe Ruth of outright, actual murder!

Ben Verlander says Yankees legend Babe Ruth murdered his wife, so Barry Bonds should be in the Hall of Fame.

I’ve heard of Murderers’ Row, but this is ridiculous!

This changes my stance on Barry Bonds entirely. On Wednesday morning when I awoke, I didn’t think he should be in the Hall. Then, I read Justin Verlander’s little brother’s tweet about how Babe Ruth hired the mafia to kill his old flame with an old flame. Now? I’m all in on Bonds.

Did Babe Ruth’s ex-wife Helen pass away in a tragic fire? Yes. That is, unfortunately, true.

Has history ever accused Ruth of responsibility when the event occurred several years after they separated while she was living in Boston with a dentist? While Ruth was in New York City? Not really!

At the time, Ruth’s comment was, “My wife and I have not lived together for the last three years. During that time, I have seldom met her. I have done all that I can to comply with her wishes. Her death is a great shock to me.”

According to Ben, that was basically a spooky confession.

Why is the timing sketchy, Ben? Because Ruth married another woman three months later? You’re leaving out the fact that he and Helen had, again, been separated for several years. Sometimes, as sad as it can be, after relationships end, other relationships occasionally begin — and that goes for either one or both of the aggrieved parties.

We’ve all learned a lot today — but, first and foremost, I’ve learned you can simply say Babe Ruth did arson, walk away from your computer, and remain employed without defending your words at all.

In the spirit of Ben Verlander’s Twitter, I’d just like to conclude this article by saying Rogers Hornsby plotted to kill President William McKinley, Lefty Grove tied Hollywood bombshell Rita Hayworth to some train tracks, and Dizzy Dean once tossed 12 strippers into an active volcano. Thank you, no further questions!