5 replacements for David Cone, Buck Showalter and Ken Singleton at YES Network

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Former New York Yankees player Nick Swisher (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Former New York Yankees player Nick Swisher (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

2. Nick Swisher

You want to talk about livening up a broadcast? At times, we know how boring Michael Kay and O’Neill can be, even with Cone helping them out. Don’t get us started on John Flaherty. The in-game chatter can feature long bouts of silence and doesn’t exactly keep you awake when the play on the field is hitting a wall.

Enter Nick Swisher, who can captivate you by telling a story about when he tied his shoes before heading out the door for work. The 2009 World Series champ was a fan-favorite during his four-year stint in the Bronx and his unrelenting personality is exactly what the current version of this team is missing.

So let’s at least get him in the building and have him screaming on the broadcast when Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton rocket a pair of 450-foot homers into the dead of night? Would be a lot more fun than listening to Kay decide whether or not the ball is out of the park after it’s landed on the subway tracks!

Another big plus here is that Swisher’s already done some work in TV as a studio analyst on FOX Sports. This man’s likability spans across a number of generations. He has enough energy to carry a group of broadcasters, enough stories to fill up an hour’s worth of empty time, and enough insight to diagnose issues fans are taking notice of.

Bring Swish back home!