Yankees catching prospect Antonio Gomez shows off moon bombs in BP

New York Yankees hat at 2020 Spring Training (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
New York Yankees hat at 2020 Spring Training (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

If you could judge a prospect’s trajectory entirely based on enthusiasm during the offseason, Yankees catching prospect Antonio Gomez would be at the absolute peak of current top prospect lists.

As it stands, he’s still cracking the top 10 in a few recent assessments and fueling rumors of his rise every time he posts a workout video or mentorship session with Yadier Molina.

Palling around with Yadi and picking his brain is one thing, though. Delivering is something entirely different.

Though Gomez is primarily known as a young gun with a cannon for an arm and solid defensive skills, his raw power began to translate a bit as the 2021 season wore on — and, if we’re to believe it, has gone up another level this offseason.

Just check out the indisputable video evidence of Gomez’s most recent BP sessions — which, of course, he posted on Instagram.

If you could hit like this, you would, too.


20-year-old Yankees catching prospect Antonio Gomez has power

Gomez is certainly atop the power rankings for “Player Most Likely to Destroy April 2022 and Change Your Perspective” at the moment. Though Austin Wells is closer to the bigs (offensively), Gomez seems to be the total package; he’ll likely return to Low-A Tampa this spring and fit in under the tutelage of Rachel Balkovec, his groundbreaking new manager.

Last season, Gomez hit four homers in 46 games including a pair in 17 contests at Low-A, his first taste of full-season ball. He’s still got plenty to improve on; after all, he did hit .197 with a .310 OBP in those games.

There’s a lot of raw pop to drool over, though — and don’t forget his patented enthusiasm. He tweeted this just a few days ago.

Maybe a late argument begging to stay out of any Oakland A’s trade that’s consummated when the lockout ends?

Speaking of, minor-league baseball might be the only thing on the menu this spring, and Gomez will be lucky enough to have the chance to resume his career as normal when Spring Training arrives (and also steal the spotlight if some MLB games get axed).

Can’t wait to watch some game film after all these juicy BP sessions. To quote Gomez, “Love being a Yankee (fan).”