New York writer’s free agency predictions for Yankees seem out of this world


The MLB lockout has left us imagining far more free agency/trade scenarios than what a doctor would deem healthy for one’s brain. Usually, by this point of the offseason, the winter meetings would’ve significantly shaken things up and most of the top free agents would be off the board.

Instead, we’re stuck in limbo, constantly projecting the worst possible outcomes for the New York Yankees, which are headlined by an ineffective stopgap option at shortstop. Though that’s where much of the discussion starts, it’s hardly where it ends.

The Yankees also need an outfielder, first baseman, starting pitcher and perhaps some bullpen help. And they addressed nothing during that month leading up to the lockout.

There are many combinations of signings/trades general manager Brian Cashman could make to satisfy fans’ desires, but there’s hardly any optimism on that front when you take the payroll into account as well as the other teams who will be bidding on players.

That’s why New York Post’s Ken Davidoff’s free-agent predictions (subscription required) for the Bombers feel a bit wild. They could very well end up being right, but this trio of players in pinstripes might be hard to envision.

He believes the Yanks will end up with Trevor Story, Seiya Suzuki and Anthony Rizzo, filling three of the five aforementioned voids.

Yankees Rumors: Free agency prediction has New York landing three players

Hey, we’re not knocking the optimism here, but at what point was there any indication the Yankees would be looking for a long-term shortstop option outside of the buzz that they “checked in” with Carlos Correa’s representation? Davidoff pegged Story for a five-year, $110 million contract in the Bronx. He’s really going to take $30 million less than Javier Baez?

Then you have Suzuki, who fully seems destined to be a member of the Boston Red Sox, if we’re to believe various context clues, from Boston’s interest being “strong” to Suzuki appearing on a podcast with Koji Uehara and hinting that’s where he may land.

Rizzo’s a great consolation prize if you can actually land Story and Suzuki, but if not (and likely not), there will need to be a Freddie Freeman/Matt Olson import to make up for those potential misses.

Even more insane, however? The Athletic’s Jim Bowden (subscription required) seemingly suggesting the Yankees might land Carlos Correa and Freddie Freeman. If that happens, well, take all of our money. We’ll happily give it all away.

We’d love to view all of this from a more optimistic lens, but there’s just not enough buzz/evidence indicating that we should.