Yankees’ Zack Britton’s MLB Lockout Christmas was extra awkward


Of all the uncomfortable Christmases this particular season, Yankees reliever Zack Britton might’ve survived the most awkward one possible, as long as he followed the letter of the law.

And no, we’re not just talking about how Buck Showalter is back in NYC and lurking in his backyard.

This particular story involves a different Buck: namely Buck Britton, Zack’s brother and the manager of the Triple-A Orioles affiliate the Norfolk Tides.

Even thought Zack is currently rehabbing from Tommy John surgery and likely won’t sniff the field for the Yankees in 2022, he’s still technically an active MLB player. His brother? As of this moment, he’s a professional baseball coach. And per the rules of the lockout … they can’t speak.

What do we do here? Separate rooms, and family members can pick and choose which one they speak to? Mandate that the conversation does not touch on baseball?

Who knows? Maybe the Omicron variant gave the Brittons a clean out on figuring out the logistics here.

Yankees reliever Zack Britton can’t talk to his brother Buck during the MLB Lockout.

And, yes, the irony of Britton’s brother being named Buck is not lost on us. Wouldn’t be the first time the left-hander was ignored by somebody with that name!

Smash cut to the Red Sox sending a scout to lurk outside the Brittons’ house on Christmas Day, and anonymously phoning MLB league offices the very second he’s able to confirm that the two brothers are chatting over a Christmas ham to get both the Yankees and Orioles penalized. You already know it’s coming, you just don’t know when.

What a way for Britton’s Yankees career to end, unfortunately. The 34-year-old just celebrated his birthday, and though he’s on the shelf, he’ll still go down as one of the better pitchers in Bombers history, let alone among the better recent acquisitions that have helped keep this window open.

And speaking of “open window,” the Brittons should make sure there’s plenty of ventilation this holiday season.

Either that, or they should send either Buck or Zack to sit outside for long stretches of time whenever the lockout comes up.

Man, imagine being banned from talking to your family all holiday long? Sounds … sounds kind of really, truly nice, actually. Going to see if I can join MLB and sign my uncle up for a minor-league coaching gig real quick.