Yankees and Red Sox competing for short-term Trevor Story contract?


Still dreaming of the remaining best shortstop scenarios for the New York Yankees? Well, looks like you’ll have to welcome the Boston Red Sox into the bidding because we can never really make them go away.

A lot’s been discussed in regard to a potential mammoth short-term contract for Trevor Story, whose value isn’t exactly sky-high after his mediocre 2021 campaign. There’s been some belief he might be willing to accept a one- or two-year contract and then hit free agency again in the near future as the clear-cut top shortstop option.

Then again, it’s hard to believe Story, given his MLB resumé, can’t fetch more than Javier Baez’s six year, $140 million deal. Either way, the short-term contract narrative fits like a glove with the Yankees’ plans to deploy one of their top shortstop prospects within the next year or two … so we’ll stick with that for consistency purposes.

But now the Boston media has caught on and determined Story might be a good fit for them, too. It seems like the unnecessary gymnastics of moving Xander Bogaerts to second base continues to poison more and more brains.

It’s unclear why that’s a new obsession, but it could potentially affect the Yankees’ plans if it continues to gain steam. John Tomase of NBC Sports Boston talked at length about why a prove-it deal for Story would greatly benefit the Red Sox.

Whether this is the Red Sox and their fans attempting to insert themselves into every Yankees rumor and wage mental warfare or not, general manager Brian Cashman simply can’t let another division rival best him for a prominent roster need.

Here’s what Tomase wrote:

"“Might this be a path to Story making a pitstop in Boston? Until the Red Sox bestow a nine-figure contract, we should assume they won’t play in that market; it’s unlikely they’d start with Story, who possesses prodigious power, but has struck out as many as 191 times in a season. But a one-year deal at a high average annual value, with Story moving to second base, would give the Red Sox one of the best offensive infields in baseball alongside Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers, and it would allow him to hit the market again next winter at age 30, one year younger than Semien is right now.”"

Yup … exactly what we said about the Yankees and Story weeks ago. If only the Yankees had acted quickly to prevent this from growing legs and attracting other teams. Then again, maybe they couldn’t, but we’ll continue to assess blame for inactivity. It’s not unreasonable.

Bogaerts can opt out after the 2022 season, so perhaps Red Sox fans are realizing that next year might be a prime opportunity to contend after what the underrated roster was able to accomplish in 2021. Perhaps they’re realizing Bogaerts’ long-term future in Beantown is in jeopardy because the new front office isn’t inclined to spend in a flashy manner.

All valid concerns. But if Story is inclined to accept a shorter term deal, New York fans have every right to riot if the Red Sox manage bring the two-time Silver Slugger aboard at the Yankees’ expense.