Trevor Story’s power would see absurd increase with Yankees move


The story we’re usually told involves a Rockies slugger leaving Coors Field and seeing their power dip tremendously, due to the altitude decrease.

Turns out, that won’t be the case for Trevor Story if he ends up bucking the odds and joining the Yankees. In fact, his power output in home games could increase to a downright stunning degree.

Yes, this is an inexact science. No, this isn’t a cut-and-dried map. But … oh, boy.

We absolutely sure we’re still “Correa or Bust,” folks?

According to Statcast’s measurements, Story’s 24 home runs from the 2021 season would’ve turned to 48 dingers if he’d played all 162 games at Yankee Stadium. Of course, that will never be the case for any player, but this brief highlight reel below proves he left a number of home blasts on the table.

And take a look at that first one. That’s a home run at Yankee Stadium? It certainly is!

Trevor Story’s power would increase with Yankees

Now, it’s not as if Story doesn’t still have warts when compared to Correa. He’s not the same player. His career OPS+ of 112 won’t move mountains, and indicates that — with baked-in slippage — he could be closer to a league-average player than a difference-maker as he ages.

The home-road splits, as is often the case with Coloradans, also don’t bode well for Story’s upkeep. On the road, his career .752 OPS pales in comparison to his .972 mark at home. He’s been a different hitter outside the friendly confines, but — for his swing in particular — Yankee Stadium appears to be even friendlier confines. There’s reason to worry about Story’s road performance paling in comparison, but it appears he could have an even heftier home field advantage if he signs on long-term, or inks a lucrative short-term deal, in pinstripes.

And, yes, the park effects would be much more obvious on Story’s swing than on Correa’s. Food for thought, indeed, considering the Rockies shortstop should get half the contract.

The more you examine the value in dropping less than half the coin on a non-enemy in Story, the closer the debate gets. Both men are on the right side of 30; Story will require a shorter and cheaper commitment. Both men have some sort of injury concern; Story’s elbow, meet Correa’s back, which teams aren’t even allowed to read about until they say the magic word to his agents.

The Yankees would be foolish to exit the offseason without making a splash at shortstop, but overloading Story on a two-or-three-year deal sounds even wiser once you learn about the bonus 24 home runs that could be yours for a low, low price.