Yankees: 4 shortstop trade targets if NYY bow out of free agency

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Luis Urias #2 and Willy Adames #27 of the Milwaukee Brewers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Luis Urias #2 and Willy Adames #27 of the Milwaukee Brewers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

1. Willy Adames or Luis Urías

We’re not sure why this would be a possibility, either, but Joel Sherman of the New York Post recently mentioned Willy Adames as a potential trade target for the Bombers, and that has us thinking. And if Adames is on the table in this hypothetical situation, then why isn’t Luis Urías?

Perhaps the Brewers value Urías’ defensive versatility more (he also plays second and third rather well), but Adames’ bat is undoubtedly superior. Either way, the Yankees should be willing to take either player!

Both can play above-average shortstop (positive dWAR and positive or slightly negative DRS) and provide some pop with the bat (Adames we’re very familiar with, and Urías broke out with 23 bombs last year). Adames has a more proven track record of consistency, however, and getting out of Tropicana Field reportedly really helped his vision. Seriously.

There’s really not much analysis to be had here. We’re not sure if either are available or will be available, but if an insider is speculating, then we have to explore. Adames has played shortstop for 416 out of his 426 career games and is under club control through 2025 … so we’re not sure why he would be a more desired option, especially if the Yankees are looking to keep the spot open for an incoming youngster.

That’s why we popped Urías in here. He can play shortstop well and can easily transition off of it when the time comes given what he’s proven at second and third (did you not see his insane plays during the NLDS against the Braves?).

Realistically, we’d take either one, but if the Yankees are looking for a seamless changing of the guard when Volpe/Peraza are ready, Urías feels like the better option.