Aaron Judge growing out beard will make you want Yankees to change facial hair policy


Remember the fire-breathing version of Gerrit Cole on the Houston Astros? He sported a full beard and had long hair. That’s the guy we wish was hurling starts for the New York Yankees.

Cole isn’t the only one, though. Remember Johnny Damon joining the Bombers? How about Andrew McCutchen? Andrew Miller? Brian McCann? We can go on. It was certifiably awkward watching these guys shave their facial hair in the name of joining (largely) mediocre Yankees rosters.

And in recent years, we’ve talked a lot about the personality of this team. The characters. The individuality. The energy. It seems like the Yankees culture continues to strip players bare in an era where that’s clearly no longer a viable recipe for success (was it ever, though?).

The “Yankee Way” just feels so outdated. Players are more outspoken than ever. And that’s not always a bad thing, which most older fans consider it to be. How about the entertainment value of it all? Aren’t you sick of hearing the monotone, uninspiring postgame pressers? And we can’t deny that the Yankees’ policies have deterred certain free agents from coming to the Bronx.

So let’s kick off 2022 with Aaron Judge sporting a beard. How about that? He’s trying out this look during the offseason and Yankees Twitter seems to think he’ll take his play to the next level if he doesn’t have to maintain a baby face for the entirety of a 162-game slate.

How about it, Yanks?

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge looks awesome with a beard.

Loosen up a bit! Come on! If you’re not going to spend ungodly amounts of money, then let the current crop of players on the roster grow their hair out or show off their beards/goatees. Maybe Aaron Boone with some facial hair will elevate his bullpen management. Or provide any sort of necessary spark this clubhouse seemingly needs.

And if we’re talking about the intimidation factor of it all … Judge is already an imposing force with his immense frame. Give him some bristled facial hair and opposing pitchers will have another element to battle when facing him.

Judge has already said he wanted to be a Yankee for life. Time to figure out a way to make that happen in a manner that’s beneficial for both sides. As soon as possible. Because this offseason might hinge on it. Judge entering a contract year with even more pressure to elevate the Yankees wouldn’t be a narrative conducive to success.

And let’s be honest: we cannot see Judge with this look on another team. You want to talk about some all-time worst Yankees free agency scenarios? This would be top three.