Yankees-Freddie Freeman possibility as real as it’ll ever be, so enjoy it


In yet another free agency/trade scenario we get to actually talk about this offseason due to unexpected circumstances, we can file this one among the many trolls on Twitter told us would “never happen.”

OK! Cool. Thanks. Good talk.

But guess what? Atlanta Braves free agent Freddie Freeman is AVAILABLE right now after reportedly rejecting a $135 million extension from the team. Will the two find a resolution? Probably. But the Braves are playing a dangerous game allowing the best first baseman in the game to hang out on the open market for this long.

You mean to tell us the New York Yankees wouldn’t overpay for the reigning World Series champ? He’s exactly what they need on so many levels: a team leader, contact hitter, power bat, lefty, Gold Glover.

In a perfect world, the Yanks could get this deal done fast and then pull off a trade for someone else (Pirates outfielder Bryan Reynolds?) to get rid of the necessary prospects on the 40-man roster that need to be protected by Friday.

Many believed those players were being reserved for a Matt Olson trade, but have things changed now that Freeman and the Braves have yet to come to an agreement?

Can the Yankees realistically sign Freddie Freeman?

The only problem here? It’ll probably take $200 million to bring Freeman aboard, which means the Yankees will have up to FIVE contracts in excess of $200 million on their payroll moving forward, assuming they extend Aaron Judge and sign a marquee shortstop (Gerrit Cole and Giancarlo Stanton are the other two firmly on the books right now).

That’s not stopping general manager Brian Cashman from inquiring, further proving that the organization’s pockets will be deep this offseason.

Is this likely? Not really! But it’s as real as it’s ever going to get. Freeman was a pipe dream months ago when we said, “Hey, maybe he becomes a free agent! There’s still no extension!” Now, he’s a free agent, the Yankees have a clear need, and they’re going for the jugular in 2022 based on all of the rumors we’ve heard over the last month.

Even if the Yankees aren’t able to bring Freeman aboard, the “consolation” prizes at the moment are Olson and Anthony Rizzo. Nobody will be upset if any one of these guys is patrolling first base on Opening Day. As Michael Scott would say, this is a win-win-win. We’re just happy to be associated with Freeman in any manner possible.