Does latest Jeff Passan update indicate Yankees will make big splash soon?


The collective bargaining talk are expected to upend this offseason, but in a somewhat surprising twist, some of the game’s top free agents won’t bat an eye and plan to sign before the CBA expires on Dec. 1.

Originally, New York Yankees fans knew the team would be spending big money but figured moves of such magnitude wouldn’t come for a little while given the uncertainty surrounding 2022 and beyond.

Early reports suggest an agreement will be reached, but it could come as late as February, which isn’t surprising because the MLB owners and players association are historically awful at this. Nonetheless, all that matters is that Opening Day will be starting on time.

Another source of optimism suggesting everything will be alright comes somehow comes from agent Scott Boras, who represents two of the biggest available names in Corey Seager and Marcus Semien.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan noted this on Friday and added that the Yankees “have shown interest in both” players.

It’s important to realize that if these guys plan to sign before Dec. 1 while others might choose to wait it out, that could put pressure on the Yankees since they really need to knock their shortstop signing out of the park rather than sit around waiting and trapped in the uncertainty.

Could Jeff Passan’s latest update suggest the Yankees might be making a big move soon?

Could that accelerate the team’s decision making? We’ve heard the buzz surrounding Carlos Correa, but rumors have suggested the Dodgers might enter that conversation. We previously heard that the Yankees soured on Trevor Story and that the Mets were expected to be the frontrunners for Javier Baez.

All we’re saying? This could really get complicated if Seager and Semien sign elsewhere in the coming weeks. That means we could be seeing an uncomfortable bidding war with Correa, who should have a number of suitors ready to spend big money.

Why is that? Because the Dodgers already have Trea Turner as their Opening Day shortstop should they lose Seager. They have an A+ contingency plan and can take their time determining if they’d want to add another high-profile slugger and keep Turner at second base or keep things as is and spend more money on pitching. The longer the Dodgers can lurk, the worse for the Yankees.

If you remember correctly, earlier in the offseason Passan predicted Seager would be the Bombers’ Opening Day shortstop. If the Yankees want to fill the void as soon as possible with arguably the best option, it appears as if Seager could be the answer, because we’re just not sold on the Yankees going after Semien, who showed that he might be a better second baseman than shortstop in 2021.

Then again, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees waited it out … because they’ve shown a penchant for doing that in recent years.