Yankees Twitter legitimately spoke Matt Olson trade rumor into existence


It turns out when New York Yankees fans have a hunch a team might have a fire sale or a certain player may be available via trade … they’re not always wrong.

Once the Bombers were eliminated from the postseason, many on social media were clamoring for Oakland Athletics first baseman Matt Olson to fly across the country to the Big Apple.

Why? The A’s had a disappointing midseason collapse and a number of rising arbitration salaries were on the way for 2022. In case you haven’t been watching baseball for the past 20 years, this is how Oakland and GM Billy Beane operate. They expedite and complete “rebuilds” faster than anyone.

And what do you know! They let Bob Melvin go to the San Diego Padres last week, which all but officially marked the incoming fire sale.

That buzz came this week, with MLB insider Jon Morosi confirming that the Yankees are reportedly among the teams interested in trading for Olson.

Oh, sorry, but we thought Yankees fans were delusional for thinking they could potentially acquire good players on other teams?

The Yankees-Matt Olson trade rumors are real.

Matt Chapman is likely available, too … in addition to a number of the team’s starters that possess a ton of value. Maybe a package deal here? The Yankees need rotation help as well.

OK, fine, we don’t get too ahead of ourselves. Olson would be an immense coup. He would help the Yankees part with a few guys on the 40-man roster and patch up a much-needed hole at first base with elite defense and a powerful lefty bat.

The Yankees were undoubtedly a better team with Anthony Rizzo in the lineup, but his bat isn’t what it used to be and his glove somehow regressed in New York (perhaps because of his time missed while battling COVID-19). Olson would be an upgrade to an upgrade while also addressing this roster’s deficiencies.

But he won’t be cheap, so don’t expect Brian Cashman to escape negotiations without surrendering both MLB talent and a couple of top prospects. We went through some trade packages a month ago, some of which were met with serious criticism (and perhaps rightfully so), but we tried to diversify based on what Beane might want and what the A’s need.

Nonetheless, the buzz is as real as we suspected it would be about a month ago. And one could argue there’s no team in better position to acquire Olson than the Yankees. Perhaps Luke Voit accompanies the top shortstop prospect least likely to successfully transition to second base, plus a pitching prospect or two?

Cashman can offer enough packages here to satiate Beane and his desire to quickly turn the A’s around.