Yankees: Boston media officially losing their minds with Red Sox free agency plan


We’re sorry … did the Boston Red Sox bring in former Tampa Bay Rays executive Chaim Bloom so they could figure out new ways to hand out $300 million contracts? If they did, wouldn’t they just have re-signed Mookie Betts instead of trading him?

New York Yankees fans are sick of hearing about this new front office adjustment in Boston, too. Which is it, Red Sox fans? You’re a financial behemoth not afraid of spending money? Or you’re the thrifty underdogs you’ve claimed to be for the last ~20 years (despite consistently having one of the highest payrolls in the league)?

OK. Back to being calm for a second.

Look, we know the Red Sox’s offseason plans may have changed drastically. They weren’t supposed to contend in 2021. Then they made it to the ALCS after punking the Yankees in the AL Wild Card Game. Why would Bloom not be spending in some capacity to keep this window open?

It was always kind of a farce that the Sox would be “rebuilding” after parting with Dombrowski, anyway. This team still has a good portion of their 2018 World Series team intact: Alex Cora, Chris Sale, Xander Bogaerts, Rafael Devers, JD Martinez (for now), Christian Vazquez, and others are still there. Upgrades over a teardown always made more sense.

However, we’d be willing to be almost anything that the Red Sox will not be doing heavy lifting in this capacity before 2022.

Boston media is truly out of its element if they think the Red Sox are going to stick it to the Yankees like this.

Get a load of this from Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe. He thinks the Red Sox should sign Carlos Correa this offseason and move Xander Bogaerts to second base, all the while hoping JD Martinez declines his $19 million player option.

OK. First of all, “hoping” Martinez declines his player option? He’s been one of the best hitters in MLB from 2018-2021 and arguably the top designated hitter. In this piece, Abraham cites freeing up that $19 million would create more flexibility, but that’s a totally cost-effective salary for Martinez’s output and he’s likely gone after 2022 should he exercise his option. Don’t understand that logic. If you’re going to pay Correa, you’re looking way past 2022 for financial implications.

And speaking of paying Correa! Again, the Red Sox opted to pass on spending that ~$300 million on an MVP/generational player such as Betts and now dish out that dough for Correa, who’s a two-time All-Star and has had more injury-shortened seasons than fully healthy ones? And one they just taunted/got taunted by in the ALCS?

And finally … the golden ticket idea of moving Bogaerts to a position he’s never played before, solely because he “looks comfortable” on the right side of the infield on shifts. Are we playing a video game all of a sudden? A 29-year-old Silver Slugger shortstop is going to become a second baseman? He didn’t even play second base throughout his minor league career!

This column was designed to troll Yankees fans and instill a fake sense of fear that the Red Sox are going to potentially upend one of New York’s dream free agency scenarios. Expect a Kyle Schwarber re-signing, a trade for a starter with promising peripheral stats, and a revamp of the bullpen.

If Correa goes to Boston and this shift of epic proportions occurs, the Yankees will have no choice but to make four moves of greater magnitude. They can’t let the Red Sox further disrupt whatever championship window is left here in arguably the most important offseason for this roster under Brian Cashman.