Yankees: Carlos Correa sounds like he’s done in Houston after WS loss


When Carlos Correa points to his watch nowadays, that signals it’s time to move on.

But where?

New York Yankees fans seem split on whether they want to welcome Correa after his vocal membership in the Houston Astros’ trash can banging scandal of 2017, but whether they like it or not, if the Bombers pass on him for ethical reasons … someone else won’t. Red Sox writer Pete Abraham, who twisted his knickers over Mike Minor’s Texas Rangers dropping a popup in a meaningless game to get him to 200 Ks, is already advocating forgive and forget and wants to move Xander Bogaerts to sign Correa. So much for integrity, right?

First thing’s first, though. In order for someone to sign Correa, the Astros have to make the colossal mistake to let their leader go.

It didn’t take long after the final out of Game 6 for us to get a heartfelt, resigned-sounding Correa sending a “thank you” to the people of Houston and the organization.

Whether he’s really gone or not, he certainly seemed prepared for Tuesday night to be his final goodbye.

Carlos Correa sounded ready to leave the Astros. Could the Yankees come calling?

How often do you have a chance to secure the services of a proven winner, proven playoff performer, and proven defensive standout up the middle at the age of 27? Correa’s the total package — though we understand the warts.

Would it really be tougher to swallow than Johnny Damon defecting and slicing his hair off, though? What about Gerrit Cole, a product of the pitching factory in Houston? Wade Boggs? Roger Clemens, after wearing out his welcome very loudly in Boston?

The old Yankees were ruthless and did whatever it took to maximize their chance of winning a title. It’s exactly why generations of fans grow up despising them. These Yankees? They look more like your run-of-the-mill semi-contenders, hoping for a lucky Boston-esque bounce or three thousand on their way to a title. They’ll always have a chance, but they rarely step on the throat. That’s where Correa could help.

Every time he opened his mouth on Tuesday, he dug himself a deeper and deeper hole to climb out of if he intends to renegotiate a contract with the Astros.

We’d heard rumblings earlier in the postseason that Houston hadn’t quite given up hope yet, and ownership was beginning to understand how essential Correa is to their franchise’s DNA to the tune of a $300 million+ contract. If that’s the case, he’ll likely take the “hometown discount.”

But the Yankees should hold onto any hope they receive that Correa is considering other offers, and based on his first appearance post-loss — like Gerrit Cole in the Boras Corp hat — there’s a significant chance he’s departing.