Yankees: MLB insider predicts surprise pitching signing alongside top shortstop


Some more insight regarding the New York Yankees‘ upcoming offseason couldn’t hurt, right? Everyone will soon be sick of hearing update after update only to ultimately watch the team make pedestrian moves, but the more pressure the fanbase applies, the more likely we are to see momentous changes made by the front office. Maybe!

And in fairness, a number of MLB insiders are predicting the Yanks to make a few big splashes. Even general manager Brian Cashman talked about the need for a shortstop earlier this week.

Depending on if you trust MLB insider Jon Heyman, he went a step further. He thinks a high-profile shortstop coming to the Bronx is a foregone conclusion. But who will it be?

He mentioned Corey Seager as the most likely candidate and then added he wouldn’t rule out Carlos Correa. Feels like the best-case scenario, right?

What about another big name? Specifically, some help for Gerrit Cole in the starting rotation? He pitched in the AL East this year, too.

Heyman believes Toronto Blue Jays ace and Cy Young frontrunner will be a target for the Bombers as well.

Yankees rumors: MLB insider believes NYY will make two big splashes in free agency

Fans are likely on board with the Seager/Correa buzz, but is Ray really someone the Yankees need to spend money on? He has a career 4.00 ERA even after his career 2021 campaign and next year will be his age-30 season. He’s also only made 30 or more starts three times in his seven full seasons as a starter.

This feels like the Yankees are getting trapped by the market again. You don’t really want to overpay for a guy who has a not-so-impressive track record but will be in demand because of what seems like an outlier season.

Don’t get us wrong … we’re not saying the Yankees shouldn’t spend money. We just would rather them not shell out dough for the wrong candidate, watch said candidate not meet expectations, and then have them use that signing as an excuse as to why they’re not upgrading later down the road when the plan goes off course. We’ve seen it before.

Then again, if you can get Ray on a short-term deal to fit this window (is it possible?), that’ll be ideal. It’s truly unclear what he’ll command given is inconsistent track record and limited time spent pitching in the American League (only 37 games).

At the very least, though, this tells us there’s a desire for the Yankees to upgrade their rotation behind Cole. If they can get the right mix of guys in free agency/on the trade market, this roster won’t be far away from discovering its championship potential.