Yankees: Did we just watch Luke Voit’s final game as a Bomber?


Funny enough, a few hours ago we were about to write about whether or not Luke Voit was going to be included on any postseason roster should the New York Yankees make it that far.

Now? We’re questioning if we’ll ever see him play in pinstripes ever again.

On Thursday evening, the Yankees announced Voit had been placed on the injured list with left knee inflammation — that same knee he underwent offseason surgery on and then aggravated a few months ago. Throw in his oblique issue and the acquisition of Anthony Rizzo, and Voit’s 2021 season, outside of being named AL Player of the Week in late August, has been flushed down the toilet.

It’s been an absolute shame considering he’s been a fan favorite and has produced offensively for just about every moment he’s been healthy.

His defense can be problematic at times, but really not that bad! Only -5 Defensive Runs saved and a -1.1 dWAR over his last 124 games. There are a lot worse first basemen than that!

As for his offensive numbers? Even advanced statheads can’t deny Voit’s impact. He has OPS+ figures of 186, 124, 157 and 109 over the last four seasons (though the sample sizes haven’t exactly been large) and led the league in home runs in 2020.

Did we just see the last of Luke Voit in a New York Yankees uniform?

And yet, manager Aaron Boone (or the front office?) won’t play him, even when Giancarlo Stanton is able to take the field on defense. He’s been relegated to a pinch hitter and has been unable to find success, going 2-for-11 with a single and a solo home run and six strikeouts in 13 plate appearances.

That’s what did him in on Wednesday night. Voit struck out and attempted to run to first when the ball got away from Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire, even though he shouldn’t have because the base was occupied. He came up hobbling after he was ruled out and now it’s been deemed he needs to go on the IL, which will likely end his season …

… and career with the Yankees.

That was his first at-bat since Sept. 22. He was reportedly dangled in trade talks at the deadline and was nearly shipped out of town. He lost playing time despite being healthy, delivering as an everyday starter, and the Yankees possessing the capacity to include him in the lineup often even with the presence of Rizzo.

It’s clear the organization has made up its mind with him. On top of the relationship being soured, Voit’s now hurt again, which was likely the main reason the Yankees felt the need to go out and get Rizzo in the first place

Don’t get us wrong, we’d love Voit back. He’s one of the few guys on this roster that plays with contagious energy, passion and fire. We’re just relaying the not-so-subtle messages the Yankees are sending. And now that he’ll be placed on the IL, it’ll give them an excuse to free up a spot on a hypothetical postseason roster.

Then the offseason will arrive, and we’ll be right back to where we were on July 30 when the trade rumors were swirling and his future was in doubt. But now it’s for real, for real.