Yankees: Giancarlo Stanton talking trash to Francisco Lindor is what we’ve been waiting for


Is this playing out to be a carbon copy of Saturday night’s matchup between the Yankees and Mets?

In a battle between two New York teams vying for a wild card spot, the crosstown rivalry just leveled up.

On Sunday Night Baseball, this one was out of control from the jump. The Yankees scored two runs in the top of the first and then quickly coughed up the lead when Francisco Lindor hit a three-run homer in the bottom of the second.

Fast forward to the top of the seventh, and the score is 6-4, Mets lead. Lindor homered in response to Gleyber Torres’ two-run shot in the top of the sixth, providing another insurance run in a series where each and every one is more valuable than the last. But what Lindor did around the bases on his home run trot set the grand stage for what was to be a dramatic scene just minutes later.

Giancarlo Stanton tied the game with a mammoth two-run homer off Brad Hand, and pandemonium ensued.

Giancarlo Stanton talked trash to Francisco Lindor to liven the Yankees-Mets rivalry.

That home run, while among the more majestic things we’ve seen this year, wasn’t even the highlight of this sequence. As Stanton trotted the bases, he exchanged words with Lindor and things got heated. Before you knew it, the benches cleared and the bullpens emptied.

Here. We. Go.

Apparently, the Mets believed the Yankees had been stealing signs on Saturday night:

Lindor’s whistle gesture and constant chirping alluded to the Mets’ belief the Yankees were whistling to one another to relay signs. But if you ask Stanton … you’ve never heard such a thing. In fact, you’ve never even thought of such a thing. And that’s the bottom line.

Some might say Stanton “earned his pinstripes” with these actions, but he already made his mark back in 2018 when he carried the Yankees while Aaron Judge was injured. Then, his historic bat was the highlight of last year’s playoff appearance. This moment goes a step further and might be a stepping stone in solidifying his overall baseball legacy as a New York Yankee, assuming the future unfolds in a somewhat advantageous manner. Remember, the Yankees didn’t sign Stanton. They traded nothing for him when the opportunity presented itself. And he’s been injured. For as much hate he gets, he deserves credit when he comes through and plays his role.

If you had been watching Yankees baseball as if late, it feels like we’re back in mid-June. No lead is safe. Lethargic performances. The weakest losses you’ve ever seen. Clear punting of games. No spark in the postgame interviews. This team needed a reason to get fired up. To care about every single out. And Stanton gave them just that. If they can’t run with it, well, then we’re not sure how much life is left in these guys.

We know Gerrit Cole is ready. Are you?

Don’t forget, the Yankees lost Judge earlier in this game when he was removed because of dizziness. Brett Gardner took over in center field, but at that point the Yankees were down 5-2 and it felt like we were going to simulate the game to the top of the ninth with two outs and a 2-2 count on ANYBODY ready to whiff out of their shoes.

But there’s at least a shred of life now. And it has a very good chance of flourishing whether the Yankees win or lose. Talk about a silver lining.