Yankees: Baseball Hall of Famer quiets Derek Jeter haters with simple message


If you’re not going to believe Yankees fans on the matter (and honestly, fine, we get it), then perhaps everyone who didn’t watch Derek Jeter play with their own two eyes might believe Hall of Famer Rod Carew’s assessment of his greatness?

The seven-time batting champ, potential greatest pure hitter of all-time, and star of Adam Sandler’s “Chanukah Song” got on his proverbial soapbox on Thursday afternoon as part of a Twitter Q&A.

Needless to say, you can count the old-school star as one of many who was inspired by Jeter’s prime.

It’s not just the Mike Trouts of the world, raised in an era of Jeter’s brillance, who revere him. It’s also the shortstop’s predecessors.

Among the questions lobbed at Carew came one missive from a fan who was clearly fishing for some sort of reassurance that his viewpoint on Jeets was correct. Carew shot him down quite swiftly, though.

Was Jeter really as overwhelmingly great as his vote totals indicated? Well, no. He actually deserved to be unanimous like his pinstripes teammate. So there.

Hall of Famer Rod Carew thinks Derek Jeter should’ve been unanimous.

Well, that settles it. The old guard and the new kids are agreed. Now can Twitter just calm down already?

You can pick apart an element or two of Jeter’s game if you really feel like it, but the bottom line is he was the most prominent face of 15 years of baseball for a reason: he won near constantly, and he did it cleanly.

Jeter, of course, fell one lone vote short of reaching the same plateau as his teammate, Mariano Rivera.

If you thought he was going to forget about the slight slight, you probably don’t know Jeets very well.

Voting for the Hall of Fame is not always going to be as easy as deciding whether or not Jeter should’ve been unblemished or near-perfect, though. Next season, suspended steroid user Alex Rodriguez, as well as 2003 Mitchell Report name David Ortiz, will both be on the list of first-year nominees.

Rodriguez will likely miss the mark. Ortiz will likely gain admission. We’ll be here patiently waiting for the Hall’s elite to comment on the first named PED user joining their ranks.