Yankees: Red Sox starter Nick Pivetta puts foot in mouth after NYY sweep


This week, the New York Yankees forced the Red Sox to embody their own “Greatest Hits” album from April and May, when everything was going poorly from all angles.

Baserunning mistakes? You’ve got ’em. A first-inning troll that looked poorly timed by the ninth? Yup, courtesy of Xander Bogaerts!

And, of course, the coup de grace: inane postgame quotes that leave devoted fans angry and wondering how they could possibly be watching the same team they were promised.

Boston starter Nick Pivetta couldn’t make it out of the second inning (!) in Wednesday’s sweep-capping loss to Andrew Heaney, but don’t worry. After the game, he assured everyone that his quickly-spiraling team was still better, actually.

Is this…is this what any Red Sox fan wants to hear?

“I know we just lost three straight in the most important series of the year, but I’m awesome and my team rules, actually.”

Red Sox starter Nick Pivetta put his foot in his mouth about the Yankees

Perhaps even worse? Someone commented, “If Bobby Dalbec makes that play on defense (on the Rizzo grounder), we are fine.”

What?! He didn’t make it! And that’s part of the reason you’re not fine! And even if he did, you would’ve lost 3-2! That’s some premium, Grade A, first-half Yankee Brain right there. Red Sox fans are spinning, and it’s good to know their starting pitcher’s on the same page.

Not sure what possesses pitchers who’ve just gotten their doors blown off by the Yankees, including a few embarrassing errors and non-competitive walks along the way, to drop more bulletin board material after the final out’s recorded, but more power to you. When Aaron Boone was confidently saying after every single repetitive loss that the Yanks were “turning the corner” with no evidence in his corner, it made us want to rip our hair out.

How would we have reacted if we’d been swept by the Red Sox, only for, say, Jameson Taillon to say, “We’re better than them, you know. We are,” before winking? Probably not well!

The Red Sox will get another crack at the Yankees in late September, so perhaps Pivetta will be proven right after all.

That series will be played at Fenway, so Alex Cora will get to try all his favorite little tricks. Could look a little different.