Yankees: Aaron Judge claps back at MLB analyst’s take on play at plate


The New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals played into the wee hours of Tuesday morning, though many fans probably went to sleep angry sometime around the bottom of the ninth.

Before staying up an additional hour in bed, wide-eyed and feverishly refreshing Twitter to catch the final score, though. Can’t quit this team.

Truth be told, the Yankees might’ve escaped this one with a victory long before they’d ever blown four saves in consecutive innings, a real thing that actually happened. Thanks to an astounding two-part ump show in the seventh inning, a run was taken off the Yanks’ board, then presented to KC in the bottom half, leading to Aaron Boone getting rightly run.

When Zack Britton blew his one-run save in the ninth, an inning in which he recorded two outs before allowing a walk, steal, and single, it probably would’ve helped things if he’d actually been leading by three. No Encyclopedia Brown over here, but we suspect that would’ve been easier to close.

In the bottom of the seventh, the umpires called an inexplicable balk on Jonathan Loaisiga, essentially allowing Jarrod Dyson to tie the game for free.

And in the top of the inning, the crew called Aaron Judge out on a play at the plate where he clearly seemed safe, then reviewed it and “upheld” their likely-incorrect call all of eight seconds later.

Judge was clearly still steamed about the circumstances in the postgame, considering he immediately hit Twitter and got argumentative as soon as the final out was recorded. Not sure why ESPN’s Eduardo Perez chose to go after Judge’s secondary lead on the play instead of the umpiring crew that still couldn’t figure out the proper ending, but regardless, Big 99 put him in his place.

Yankees RF Aaron Judge was clearly safe on the play at the plate vs the Royals.

Though we definitely understand why Perez was trying to focus on “the little things,” considering how often these Yankees seem to get them wrong, we’re not sure we agree with his criticism here — mostly because Judge seems to think it’s ridiculous, and we’re inclined to align ourselves with him.

Additionally, we’re not even sure if it would’ve helped Judge to be…even safer than he already was on this play, considering the umpiring crew managed to bungle the substantial evidence he did give them.

Just look at the photographic evidence, which is as conclusive as conclusive can be.

Would you like to argue there’s a “chance” Judge’s foot isn’t actually touching the bag in the second still? Because, if so, please don’t argue it here. There’s no way you could know that. You’re just being an umpire’s advocate.

We don’t claim to be experts in the secondary lead department, but we do understand getting testy at the drop of a hat after that sleepless blow lead-fest, so we’re in Judge’s corner here.