Yankees: Giants DFA’ing Mike Tauchman proves trade was a lost cause


Oh, how much energy we wasted complaining about the New York Yankees trading outfielder Mike Tauchman to the San Francisco Giants earlier this season.

Sorry for yelling, but it felt wrong.

Now? It doesn’t matter.

A wasted transaction for everyone involved … because you know Wandy Peralta isn’t going to be a fixture in this bullpen beyond 2021.

At the end of April, the Bombers sent Tauchman packing for San Fran and received Peralta and a player to be named later (who ended up being Connor Cannon).

Three months later, Tauchman has been designated for assignment by the Giants while Peralta has a 5.19 ERA and 6.21 FIP in 22 games with the Yankees. And he’s missed considerable time due to injury and COVID-19.

The Yankees-Giants trade for Mike Tauchman was worthless.

Hey, at least Tauchman delivered a couple of worthwhile moments for the Giants. He saved a game that turned into a win after robbing the Dodgers of a walk-off home run. He hit a late go-ahead grand slam against the Texas Rangers.

But beyond that, he’s hit .178 with an equally terrible .569 OPS in 64 games. That grand slam against the Rangers accounted for 25% of his home runs and 27% of his RBI. Wild.

Though Peralta is controlled for three more seasons, he’ll need a complete about-face in order to make this any sort of impactful for the Yankees. There’s a reason people weren’t happy when this was the return, especially since general manager Brian Cashman waited for Tauchman’s value to plummet beneath the dirt before making a move.

For Peralta’s career, he owns a 4.76 ERA, 4.96 FIP and 1.47 WHIP. He’s struck out 168 batters in 210 innings. All we’re trying to say is that he’s not good, and we’re not banking on any sort of awakening now that he’s 30 years old.

Just like the pro-Tauchman crowd, the pro-Peralta crowd doesn’t have a leg to stand on. And it’ll somehow look worse over the course of the next few years if he fails to carve out any sort of role for himself in the bullpen. As for the pro-Cannon crowd, he’s yet to play a professional game with the Yankees, so we guess this argument will continue for another five years.

Here’s to looking ahead to more better trade outcomes after the deadline.