Yankees Rumors: Trevor Story still possibility after Joey Gallo trade


A few weeks after being matched up in the first round of the Home Run Derby, the Yankees might be pairing up Joey Gallo and Trevor Story for the stretch run.

If they can get the financials to work, of course.

This offseason, New York will be in the market for a long-term shortstop, and if the price is right, renting Story first to test out the fit might be a wise option prior to any real investment.

After the team (all but) acquired Gallo for a four-prospect package on Wednesday night, though, it seemed more likely (at first blush) that the next move would be a cheap reliever or potential starting pitching depth.

Guess we all thought wrong!

The Yankees somehow conned the Rangers into paying all of the remaining money on Gallo’s deal (and Joely Rodriguez’s), meaning there’s still some CBT wiggle room for Story (but not quite enough). Though we can’t wrap our heads around the financials, it still seems like there’s a fit here … even after what we thought was “the big one.”

Are the Yankees going to pair Joey Gallo with Trevor Story?

The Gallo trade, especially at the cost it was completed at, is a clear net positive. A potential Story trade would add another All-Star and the package would only reach a rental level. Both moves are the type you make, when presented with them.

That said … of course the Yankees surveyed the market and will possibly end up with the two premier swing-and-miss guys on the block. Gallo has the second-highest whiff rate in the league, and Story once led the NL (2017) in strikeouts from the shortstop position, which is quite the impressive feat.

Gallo, though, is a clear superstar having a phenomenal season, both offensively and defensively. Worth 4.3 WAR with a 138 OPS+, he might have some frustrating individual games, but will on the whole provide massive production from the left side for a team that’s played the absolute dregs in his place. Story, though? Don’t get us wrong. We’d welcome it. But he’s been … bad in 2021. A 91 OPS+ means he’s been distinctly below league average, and a .313 OBP is maddening to the level of Gleyber Torres’ underperformance.

Add in the fact that the Yankees will likely have to overpay in prospect capital to get it done because they’re going to beg the Rockies to handle the financials, and you’ve got a potential misstep on your hands.

All that said … you still bank on talent. You still get good players when you can and shift the pieces around. You still try to be interesting, as Jon Heyman said in a backhanded swipe.

We can’t believe the Yankees aren’t done assessing the market and pursuing top-tier candidates even after acquiring their white whale in Gallo, but we can believe that their next move looks, feels, and acts exactly like their previous move.

Now all we need is another 6-8 reliever with a 99 MPH forkball and elevated walk rate, and we really will have true Yankees Deadline.