Yankees: MLB Network Max Scherzer-Red Sox trade package would be painful

Yankees fans have been forced to absorb a lot of trash throughout the 2021 season, from blown leads to excelling rivals.

But if this proposed Max Scherzer trade goes down, that’ll be the final straw.

Unplug your television. Move to the forest. Live off the land for a while. Mainstream sports will not be worth observing.

We’re not sure if MLB Network and former player Mark DeRosa was trying to send Yankee fans over the edge they were teetering on with his latest trade package, but that’s certainly what he did.

We’re not sure of the context of this segment. Perhaps it was called “Deeply Unsettling Lopsided Trade Packages”? I fancy myself a bit of a segment producer and that sounds like a huge waste of time, but nevertheless … possible.

Anyway, feast your eyes on how DeRosa matched up the Red Sox and Nationals, then laugh to stop from crying.

If this Red Sox-Max Scherzer trade package goes down, Yankees fans should riot.

That’s it? That’s … IT?! THAT’S IT?!?

The number of things that have already gone down this season/offseason that have completely gone against the logical fabric of the universe cannot be comprehended. Alex Cora’s return, the Adam Ottavino trade, the Garrett Whitlock stuff, Kiké Hernandez being this good, Gleyber Torres being this bad, Luis Severino’s groin, Nelson Cruz to the Rays … please don’t send Max Scherzer to the Red Sox for two back-end top-10 prospects. We literally beg of you.

Nick Yorke was a consensus overdraft last year who is hitting .295 with three homers at Single-A. He is a grinder. He is not the lead in a Max Scherzer trade package. Blaze Jordan supposedly has monster power, but has socked just a trio of minor-league homers in Rookie Ball this year. The centerpiece of any Red Sox-Scherzer trade simply has to be Tanner Houck or we riot.

Unluckily for Yankees fans, this hypothetical probably won’t be the worst Scherzer-related thing you read today. Someone’s going to get him, and that team is going to pay him zero dollars in 2021 thanks to deferred money in his contract.

It won’t be the Yankees, though, since Scherzer still counts against the luxury tax, even though he’s free!

Want to hear another addendum to this scary story? Rumor has it the Rays are lurking in the weeds in any Scherzer deal, and this whole “minimized cost” thing sounds right up their alley.

Great. What a lovely time to be alive. Either the Red Sox get him at a reduced cost, the Rays do it, or the Dodgers make the move and build a super-rotation (again).

The Yankees, of course, aren’t involved. They never are.