Yankees: 3 rival trade scenarios that would be nightmares for NYY

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Anthony Rizzo #44 of the Chicago Cubs (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

1. Anthony Rizzo to Red Sox

Anthony Rizzo might hail from Florida, but if you’re a Yankees fan and have watched him play baseball, he SCREAMS Boston. Reliable lefty slugger who crowds the plate when he’s in the box, delivers clutch hits, pesky at-bats, and plays a damn good first base on defense?

The ghost of Theo Epstein simply cannot do business with the ghost of Theo Epstein here. The Cubs and Red Sox cannot come together to further ruin the Yankees. Hey, Chicago, we helped you win a World Series and break the curse! We did that!

At this present moment, the Red Sox have a glaring hole at first base and and an over-performing starting rotation that will eventually come back down to earth (right????). Chaim Bloom might not be inclined to overspend on a starter with all the market competition, plus the upcoming return of Chris Sale.

But he might spend on a lefty-swinging, OBP-first, Gold Glove defender who they might have a solid chance to re-sign in the offseason given the Red Sox organization’s spending power (it’s still there, we assume) and pedigree. And we’re not crazy, either. This has been mentioned by a multitude of insiders, such as Buster Olney. They see the fit, too.

Even more of a reason to panic? The Sox drafted Rizzo out of high school back in 2007 and traded him before he ever reached the majors. … in the Adrian Gonzalez deal with the Padres.

We’d hate for this to come full circle and make up for Gonzalez’s poor showing in Beantown. Please. No.