Yankees: Michael Kay trolls Astros and Altuve after Ryan LaMarre walk-off


The New York Yankees are putting bat on ball, sprinting first-to-third, pulling off double-steals, and executing on offense and defense.

And yes, it’s still 2021. Same year. Same season as before. Who’da thunk it?

One recurring theme, though, which has held from the beginning of May all the way through this improbable stretch of Ryan LaMarre and Greg Allen-led winning baseball, is a whimsical hatred of the Houston Astros.

Sometimes, unfortunately, it manifests in a “F*** Altuve!” chant in the middle of the seventh inning of a 6-1 loss to the Blue Jays. Luckily, it also pops in when warranted, from the Yankees getting cold in unison while rounding third base in Houston to Michael Kay’s comments in the wake of Wednesday night’s walk-off.

See, typically, after a massive victory — whether it occurs in July or October — the walk-off winner will get his jersey yanked off by a surrounding swarm of teammates, who usually meet him between first and second base.

As Astros fans might someday realize, that’s why it’s notable when your guy is caught on camera vocally not wanting to do that. But hey, not everyone can be as confident as Ryan LaMarre.


Michael Kay got some Astros jokes in after the Yankees’ latest walk-off.

It’s been extremely aggravating watching the Astros get the last laugh on the Yankees seemingly every chance they get, from Jose Altuve’s “Happy Birthday!” home run in the Bronx to … well, Jose Altuve’s capper on the choke of all chokes prior to the All-Star break.

But on the other hand, it’s been refreshing that New Yorkers haven’t let that deter them from mocking Houston’s scandal when necessary. Oh, you want to say you “own” us? Yeah, your playoff victories definitely hurt! But they were ill-gotten, so we’re never going to let you feel comfortable about them. Sorry, HouAnon.

It’s the most teflon New York fans have ever been. It’s almost downright … Bostonian how annoying Yankee fans and media members have been to the ‘Stros, even though they seem to come out losers every time they get Houston’s horns.

Nonetheless, there’s going to be an automatic associating for years between taking your shirt off and Altuve’s mystery chest, and Michael Kay made the connection for everybody live on the air after LaMarre found the right-field wall.

We were all thinking it. We probably all said a similar phrase in our living rooms one or two seconds before the Kayster pulled the trigger. Truly, I respect the Yankees community’s commitment to remaining in on the joke after Altuve tried several times to turn us into the joke.

Whatever works! After several moribund months, there’s finally a buzz in the Bronx.