Yankees: 3 Luke Voit trades that make sense as injuries mount

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Luke Voit #59 of the New York Yankees (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

2. Luke Voit to Minnesota

Because the Nelson Cruz Era can’t last forever.

The Twins’ first base and DH depth charts are both confusing, led by Cruz and Miguel Sano, who’d be … better suited to swing first and ask questions later rather than field ground balls. If Minnesota’s smart, they’ll sell Cruz high in the coming weeks, considering this latest version of the Bomba Squad isn’t going to get a chance to fall to the Yankees in the ALDS. That would slide Sano to the DH spot, and give Luke Voit space to roam first base in the Twin Cities next year.

We see Voit as just one chip in a larger trade package here. After all, the Yankees are still trying to win in 2022. Theoretically, the Twins are, too, though they’re probably about one or two years behind (but they were expected to contend in 2021, so…). If Minnesota doesn’t want to sell, fine. We’ll discuss Keoni Cavaco or Aaron Sabato and send Voit their way for prospects.

If they’d be interested in a hybrid model, though, how about Voit and Anthony Volpe for Jose Berrios and a back-end prospect? What about Voit, Clarke Schmidt, Oswald Peraza and other fodder for Byron Buxton? The possibilities are endless, and the “shortstop of the future” role will likely be filled by a big-ticket free agent acquisition rather than the names we just tossed around.

We’re getting fanciful here, but why bother speculating if you’re not going to really go for it, right?