Yankees: 3 non-Trevor Story Rockies players NYY should chase at deadline

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German Marquez #48 of the Colorado Rockies (Photo by Kyle Cooper/Colorado Rockies/Getty Images) /

2. German Marquez, RHP

It’s going to take an awful lot for the Yankees to add German Marquez, and we’re not sure if the spirited sendoff on the mound at Coors Field for the All-Star Game increased or decreased his chances of moving at the deadline or during the offseason.

What we do know is that the narrative’s flipped a little bit. Once seen as a starter with excellent stuff and a great pitch mix who wasn’t entirely able to live up to his pedigree because of his home ballpark, Marquez has now largely mastered that difficult-to-handle setting (3.06 ERA AT COORS!) and leveled up on the road, posting a 3.86 mark in all other ballparks. Maybe he’s letting his guard down a little bit when the theoretical challenge is less intense. Who knows?

Oh, and he’s still just 26.

Everyone should be asking about Marquez, a prototypical throwback pitcher who’s excelling without a 98 MPH fireball or a bender fans write home about. It’s the whole package that propels him to success — and is also the entire reason the Rockies wisely signed him to a cheap extension, capped by a team option in 2024.

The last time the Rockies held a significant long-term asset (albeit with opt-outs) in Nolan Arenado, though, they sold at the exact wrong time for the exact wrong package. Whenever Marquez is “freed” (is the next, great Rockies team really coming before 2024?), the new braintrust had better hope they pushed “launch” at the correct time. Marquez will cost a significant overpay, but he’s one of very few available guys you proudly overpay for.

Anyone but The Martian.