Yankees Rumors: Joey Gallo buzz heating up thanks to MLB insider


When the New York Yankees have their eyes on a trade target for an extended period of time, fans certainly know about it.

It doesn’t always mean the deals will come to fruition — show of hands, anyone know if Manny Machado ever wore pinstripes? — but it does mean everyone will have plenty of time to craft an opinion about said target’s viability.

Regarding Rangers slugger Joey Gallo, everyone’s got a take — and those takes are only poised to intensify following Wednesday’s re-ignition.

After the All-Star Game wrapped, New York Post MLB insider Joel Sherman chose to stoke the Gallo-to-the-Bronx flames yet again with a subtle note in his column about players who’ve excelled post-Sticky Stuff legislation.

Gallo’s been beastly, just one OPS tick behind Shohei Ohtani (1.277 to 1.276) since the mandate became official, and he’s socked 15 home runs deep into the Dallas night, too.

Sure, the Yankees theoretically have power, but … well, not so much in 2021. Would it be worth it adding Gallo’s swings and misses to the team along with all the net positives he brings?

Should the Yankees trade for Joey Gallo?

Some of us cooled on Gallo because of the apparent redundancy; however, it’s become clear that having a lefty with as much power as he does (and a lefty who can play multiple outfield positions) is a necessity for this team, whether he’s the ultimate target or not.

Others moved off the pursuit when it seemed like he’d be staying put in Texas. According to Sherman’s reporting, he still would prefer to stay home, but has come to understand and embrace the business.

"The athletic Gallo is among the best position players mentioned regularly as available in this trade market as the last-place Rangers try to rebuild. Gallo can be a free agent after next season. Padres general manager A.J. Preller was with Texas when Gallo was drafted, and opposing executives expect San Diego to be interested. The Yankees also have consistently had eyes for Gallo.“In my head and in my heart, I believe I will be a Ranger,” Gallo said about the coming trade deadline. “But at the end of the day, I know it is a business and if the team feels it is fit better elsewhere, I will understand it.”"

Gallo’s demeanor hasn’t changed, and he’s still clearly emotionally invested in a future with the Texas Rangers. He doesn’t, however, have the ability to control his next move just yet, and it’s now clear Yankees fans aren’t the only ones who’ve long connected the dots here; the team has coveted the slugger, too. And why not? He’s a perfect picture of exit velocity success and a Gold Glover. He’s exactly what they like.

Unlike Giancarlo Stanton, Gallo wouldn’t be a long-term commitment who could hamstring the books. He’d be another star (along with Aaron Judge, Gary Sánchez, and seemingly the entire roster) who will hit free agency next offseason.

Would the addition be worth it, considering he’d transform the Yankees for 1.5 years and not just the second half of an oft-depressing 2021 season? We’re inclined to say yes, as long as the finances don’t get too bungled (and as long as, say, Clint Frazier is included in the deal to help in that regard).

Keep your eyes peeled here. After all, the team’s insiders seem to want you to do so.