Yankees: Reggie Jackson wearing Astros Altuve jersey is borderline insane


We understand Reggie Jackson is now a turncoat employee of the Houston Astros after remaining affiliated with the Yankees organization for many years following his retirement.

Remember all those playoff first pitches? Remember those clips of a sweat-soaked Reggie in a Hawaiian shirt at spring training, as you wondered what exactly he was doing there?

Apparently, what he was “doing” was “gathering up bubbling hatred, which fueled an eventual traitor move.”

Jackson signed on with the ‘Stros this season, but that didn’t make the weekend’s visuals any less jarring, as he was spotted chit-chatting away while wearing a Jose Altuve jersey while his new team played the Yankees.

Couldn’t have gone with a Greinke jersey, huh, Mr. October? Had to rub the old salt in the wound?

If Hal Steinbrenner had his father’s instincts, the Straw That Stirs the Drink’s retired No. 44 would be X’d out in pen by the time the Bombers returned to the Bronx on Thursday.

What is Yankees legend Reggie Jackson doing in a Jose Altuve jersey?

Maybe after the Clippers’ playoff run, he was sick of briefly being “the other” Reggie Jackson? Don’t know, don’t care. This is obnoxious, unless the Yankees treated him so poorly that they deserve to see one of their Hall of Famers wearing the jersey of the man who’s shamed them year after year.

Derek Jeter may own the Marlins, but you never see him in vintage Josh Beckett gear.

The worst part of all this? The Astros are definitely going to use Jackson for a playoff first pitch at Minute Maid Park at some point, and it’s definitely going to work. Right after they finish handing out their “We Lost the 2019 World Series” commemorative programs, Jackson will stride to the mound in his signature porkpie hat and deliver a strike, and Houstonians will ride Mr. October’s clutch gene to victory.

Meanwhile, you know if the Yankees tried something like that, they’d bring Jeff Bagwell out and he’d get to the mound before ripping off his suit jacket to reveal an Altuve jersey of his own. One Degeneration X “Suck it!” later and the Astros would be well on their way to a 12-1 victory in the Bronx. These trolls only go one way, for whatever reason.

What happened between 2015 and today, Reg? That was a Yankees-Astros Wild Card Game! Were you so scarred by that team’s lack of offense (and by Rob Refsnyder in the starting lineup) that you jumped ship then and there?

Inquiring minds want to know. Because this voodoo might explain the Yanks’ lack of postseason success — and the regression of Gleyber Torres, Clint Frazier, and the whole pack — more than any barrel percentages and clutch metrics ever could.