Yankees: Joey Gallo’s recent hot streak will get fans’ hopes up


There’s no way for Joey Gallo to become a member of the New York Yankees over the next few weeks. He won’t elongate their lineup, nor will he take aim at the short porch in pinstripes, nor will he solidify their outfield defense.

The Texas Rangers don’t seem inclined to sell, and would rather fool themselves into thinking their franchise trajectory puts them in extension territory. The Yankees likely won’t pay the cost anyway — both monetary and prospect-wise.

That said … all that said … holy hell, Joey Gallo is playing some perfect baseball lately, and we really wish both sides would reconsider.

We can work it out.

While we’re well aware you’re not supposed to permanently judge players at their absolute best the same way you shouldn’t give them a permanent mark at their absolute worst (cough cough, Gary Sánchez), Gallo right now looks like a superstar power threat who still hasn’t reached his all-around ceiling.

Playing his home games at Yankee Stadium could, uh, help that.

Yankees-Joey Gallo rumors look like a smarter idea mid-hot streak!

For Gallo, that’s dingers No. 22 and 23. His OPS is now all the way up to a ridiculous .908. His average (is anyone still looking at that?) rests in the .230s, but his OBP is all the way up to .393. Pitchers avoid him in clutch situations in this Texas lineup. Would he be afforded the same luxury sandwiched between Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton?

On the surface, if you asked us, “Would you rather add a swing-and-miss power threat or a superstar pure hitter?” we’d probably answer the latter, but on the flip side, anyone who’s watched the Yankees this year and thinks their problem is “too much power” is watching the wrong team.

They could absolutely use a masher like Gallo, but should probably add a stud defender too.

Like … well, Gallo.

Sure, this is Gallo at his best and brightest, and the hype will only escalate when he gets a chance on the national stage at the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby. He’s also going to cost the Yankees any number of top prospects outside of Jasson Dominguez.

However, he’s 27, and while he might not always be this elite, he certainly has it in him for extended stretches.

Regrettably, these flashes will probably do nothing but let us down eventually.